Thick Darkness, Job 28:8-9

Thick Darkness Job 28:8-9 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In the prior broadcast, we discussed in some detail the fact that this entire universe is surrounded by a body of water [Gen 1:6-9] called the deep [Gen 1:2] and also the sea.  This water is covered by a cloud and thick darkness [Job 28:8-9].  Inside of this sea, this universe is totally dark except for the light of the sun, moon and stars [Gen 1:14-19].  The light of Gen 1:3 is no where apparent because it has been divided from the darkness.

From time to time, the Lord God has appeared to men and when he does he is hidden in one of several things: thick darkness, fire, a cloud, or a man’s body.  That’s because “God is light, and in him is no darkness at all,” [1 Jn 1:5].  And “no man can approach unto… nor can see” his light [1 Tim 6:16].  No man has even seen this light of God.  Thus he hides himself in:

Fire – In Ex 3:2, 14 when the Lord appeared to Moses in the bush, the bush was burning but not consumed.  The Lord was “hidden” in the fire.  That’s understandable since our God is a consuming fire [Heb 12:29].  The picture of the burning bush not consumed by the consuming fire is a picture of the everlasting covenant of God with Israel [Mal 3:6].

Thick darkness – In Ex 20:21, when the Lord God gave Israel the ten commandments, God hid himself in thick darkness [see 1 Ki 8:11-12] so that his light could not be seen.  Notice that this darkness was caused by a dark cloud Job 22:13-14, Deut 5:22 and was accompanied by fire.  Thus, when Abram slept in Gen 15:12 an horror of “great darkness” fell upon him and then God spoke to him [Gen 15:13-16].  God was there but only known by his voice and the darkness that covered his light.

A cloud – the Bible says that clouds and darkness are round about him in Ps 97:2.  So, when Jesus shows up at the 2nd Advent it is a cloudy [Rev 1:7] and dark day that is dark with thick darkness [Joel 2:2, Amos 5:18, Zeph 1:14-15].  And yet, at the same time, it is the DAY of the Lord, which is likened to sunrise [Mal 4:1-2].  Notice when the Lord appeared to Ezekiel, the cloud was there [Ezek 1:4, 28].  See the Day in Gen 1:3-5.

A man’s body – Jesus is God manifest in the flesh [1 Tim 3:16, Jn 1:1, 14] and so he said that “he that hath seen me hath seen the Father,” [Jn 14:9].  Notice that when we get saved, the Lord desires that men can see the light of God in our bodies [2 Cor 4:6-7] and in our wives’ bodies [the hidden man of the heart in 1 Pet 3:4 is Jesus].

Thus, when Jesus shows up he is the light of the world [Jn 8:12; Jn 12:25] since he is God manifest in the flesh.  But when he shows up, the world, which is in darkness, does not comprehend his light [Jn 1:5] (to comprehend means to contain or hold within as a factor or a part).  That is, the world’s darkness and the Lord’s light are mutually exclusive, 2 Cor 6:14.

This truth explains many things:

Men are never going to find God by searching for him unless they search for him in the light of the scriptures [Job 11:7, Job 37:23, Jn 5:39].

You and I must preach the gospel in order to let the light of the glorious gospel of Christ shine in our hearts and in our earthen vessels [2 Cor 4:4-7].  Your walk should definitely match your talk but you cannot let your walk be your talk.  You must preach the word so that the light will shine [2 Tim 1:10].

You would never use the world’s methods to attract people to the Lord’s light because the world is darkness and the Lord is light.  Any light that the world has to “offer” would of necessity be from the devil [2 Cor 11:14] and would blind “the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them,” [2 Cor 4:4].  Many who are professing to be saved are not truly being regenerated by the Spirit of God.