Do Not Give Up Ground, 2 Sam 23:11-12

Don’t Give Up Your Ground 2 Sam 23:11-12 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Shammah was one of David’s mighty men.  He defended a piece of ground full of lentils from a troop of the Philistines.  They were gathered together to get the ground and every one else had fled from the Philistines.  But Shammah stayed and fought and he slew the Philistines.  Through him the Lord wrought a great victory.

We have a very encouraging picture here.  There are times when we face spiritual battles from which we want to run.  Whatever you do, do not give up your ground.  The Lord has brought you a long way in your spiritual growth to get you where you are today and you don’t want anything to cause you to go back from where you came.  You have made some great gains and there is something of great value to lose by giving up your ground.

Don’t Give Up Your Ground:

No Matter Who is Coming to Take It.  “gathered together into a troop”.  When you have started living for the Lord and you have made some gains against the sinful life of your past, don’t think that sin, the world, the flesh and the devil are going to let you alone.  They will troop up together to get you back in bondage to your old ways.  And they will do whatever it takes to trip you up.

You’ll find yourself facing a temptation, stressed out, angry over something or someone, discouraged, tired, thinking that God doesn’t care, struggling to come up with the money to pay your bills and whatever else all at the same time.  That is a big troop of your enemies and you will think that there is no way you can take all that on at the same time.  But you can.  You must fight.  And do not give up the ground you have gained against them.  Don’t go back to the sin that you have just left.  Stay put.

It is Definitely Worth Fighting For.  “ground full of lentils”.  You are thinking that it is just not worth the fight to face that troop of enemies.  So, you would rather just let sin have the ground you have gained and give in to the temptation.  But let me tell you something.  That ground you have gained against sin is absolutely worth fighting for.  On that ground, you can grow stronger.

Listen, those lentils didn’t just spring up on their own.  Someone had to plow, plant, cultivate, water, and care for those lentils.  You have worked hard to get where you are.  Those lentils are nourishment to strengthen the soldiers.  And the ground you have gained will strengthen you for future battles.  If you throw in the towel now you will have to start all over again and you will be behind where you started the last time.

In Spite of Those who have Already Given Up.  “the people fled”.  Shammah didn’t have another soul to help him defend the ground he had gained.  He had to stand there all alone.  Of course, we see that the Lord wrought the great victory.  So, he wasn’t there by himself.  The Lord was with him and he is with you.  You and God make a majority.  There are people in your life who have given up trying to help you.  Your kids, your spouse, your parents, your friends may have all said that they weren’t sticking around to help you out of the mess you are in now.

Well, as much as their departure may have discouraged you, it didn’t discourage Shammah.  So, quit worrying about who is around to fight this battle for you.  Just make up your mind that you’re sticking around for this fight and that you aren’t going to give up the ground you have gained.

Steadfastly Stand and Defend It.  “he stood in the midst of the ground, and defended it”.  Listen, Shammah fought right in the middle of the field.  When those Philistines decided that they were going to get those lentils, Shammah said, in essence, “Over my dead body”.  He wasn’t giving any ground to anybody.  They could come and fight him for it.  But they were going to have to beat him to get it.  And they couldn’t beat him.  Listen, if you will fight, your enemies can’t get your ground that you have gained.  It’s not theirs; it’s yours.  And they will die to the last in defeat if they think they can come and take it from you.

God will Give You the Victory.  “slew the Philistines: and the Lord wrought a great victory”.  The Lord is in the victory business.  Joshua and the Jews defeated 31 kings in 5 years of wars and never lost.  David killed Goliath.  Jesus beat the devil and all of his wicked principalities at Calvary.  And he wants to win this battle in your life.  If you will make up your mind to fight for the ground you have already gained, God has already made up his mind that you are going to win.  Just look at Rom 8:35-39.

Conclusion: Your enemies have already won if they can convince you to give up the fight.  It doesn’t make any difference how large the number is against you.  You can’t let yourself believe that ground isn’t worth the fight.  Don’t think about those who have already given up on you.  Just stand and defend your ground and the Lord will give you the victory!!!