The Land Is Defiled, Lev 18:25-28

The Land is Defiled Lev 18: 25-28 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We find several references in the Bible to the land being defiled by the sins of men in the land.  The first of these references is found in Lev 18:25-28 which says that the land is defiled by the following sins:

  • Lying carnally with near kin – Lev 18:6-18 – incest.
  • Lying carnally with a woman in her uncleanness – Lev 18:19 – uncleanness from separation.
  • Lying carnally with thy neighbor’s wife – Lev 18:20 – adultery.
  • Letting thy seed pass through the fire to Molech – Lev 18:21 – idolatry, Satanism.
  • Lying with mankind as with womankind – Lev 18:22 – homosexuality [Rom 1:26-27].
  • Lying with a beast – Lev 18:23 – bestiality.

According to Num 35:30-34 the land is defiled also by:

  • The failure to execute a convicted murderer – Num 35:30-34 – capital punishment

The Lord gave Israel specific instructions not to allow any of these sins in their country so that the land would not spew them out.  But when reading the history of Israel in the land, you know that they ended up violating everyone of these laws and defiling the land [Jer 2:7].  Just as surely as the Lord had promised, they were vomited out of their land [Ezek 36:17-20].

Now notice carefully that the nations in Canaan had defiled the land with these sins in Lev 18:24 and 27 before Israel ever showed up.  So, the land was not defiled as the result of violating the written law of God; the land was defiled by violating the natural, God-given law of the land.  The land was defiled by what the inhabitants had done even without the knowledge of God’s written law.

In the United States, the government has been removing Biblical law from all government related public places.  In so doing, the laws that you are hearing today and that you can read in your Bible are not prominently displayed and not widely known.

Nevertheless, the law of the land is being violated.  Even the laws of our country have legalized some of this sinful behavior.  It is just a matter of time, therefore, before the inhabitants of this country who commit such abominations and those who have allowed it will be vomited out of the land.  Unfortunately, if this happens before the Lord returns, we who are against these defiling sins are going to be adversely affected, as well.

I am an American and I like being an American but I hate to see what is happening to our country.  The officials and citizens who are allowing and even promoting [like Hollywood does] this defiling behavior are ruining our country.  They don’t see it as ruining the country; they see it as upholding civil rights and liberties.  Yet since there is no immediate apparent detrimental consequence, they assume that what you are hearing is just a religious reaction and not the truth.  In time they will know what you and I already know.  These defiling sins will bring this country to ruin.

Thank God that we know our home is in the heaven above and nothing defiling has ever entered there and nothing defiling ever will.