Your Ministry of Prayer Luke 18:1

Your Ministry of Prayer Luke 18: 1 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Every one of us has a ministry of prayer. Some of us have a great ministry and others have not much of one. Never the less all of have the capability to build a great ministry of prayer. Each one of you can name someone that you have no problem asking to pray for you. You ask because you believe that they will not only pray but God will listen. All of this is available to you.


  1. Continual Full Time Job not a part time Job
    1. 4:2 “continue in prayer, and watch (the time that you are not sleeping) in the same”
      1. We should be in constant prayer or fellowship with the Lord
      2. We are not to be limited to the prayer closet of Matt.6:6, which is limited to a time and place.
  • Our daily life should consist of Spirit filled life in constant contact with the Lord,
    1. Led by the Spirit, Rom.8:14, “are the sons of God”
    2. Walk in the Spirit, Gal.5:16, “not fulfil the lust of the flesh”
    3. Live in the Spirit, Gal.5:25, you can make the work of the Spirit of none effect
    4. Filled with the Spirit, Eph.5:18, How much of the world is in you?
  1. 12:12 “continuing instant (Now) in prayer”
    1. “instant”, tied to “rejoicing in hope” and “patient in tribulation”
    2. We should be praying in hard times and good times, and helping others!



  1. Compassionate How much do you care?               
    1. Luke 10:33, “he had compassion on him” Compassion makes things happen!
      1. Christ is our example of compassion, Mk.6:34, 5:19, (ought to pray for others because of what the Lord has done for you)
      2. Mark 1:41, “And Jesus, moved with compassion” I believe that the Lord is always compassionate and is always ready to move on our prayers.
  • 2 Cor.2:4, Paul with tears had compassion
  1. Jude 1:22, compassion makes a difference, Prov.24:19-20 even on enemies


  1. Convincing Receiving is tied to believing
    1. 21:22, an unbelievable prayer promise, how often do we fall short?
      1. Eph.3:20, able to do exceeding…, according to the power that worketh in us
      2. God’s ability to do goes far man’s ability to ask
  • Rom.8:26-28, the Spirit maketh intercession
  1. There is nothing too hard for God, we tie his arms when we don’t believe enough to ask.



  1. Consequences You fulfill the Promises of God                                                                                   (with any ministry there are consequences, I can’t find any bad ones as a result of a ministry of prayer)
    1. 4:6, the Peace of God
    2. 4:16, Mercy and Grace in time of need


You have a ministry of Prayer, work on it, build it, grow it, and reap the benefits!