Your Freedom Has Consequences

Your Freedom Has Consequences

Gal. 5:1

You have liberty in Christ which gives you freedom from the yoke of bondage, the law. Peter spoke of this yoke in Acts 15:10, and said that “neither our fathers nor we were able to bear”. Many times, when someone gets saved they will say “I feel like a great weight has been lifted off me”. That is that yoke of sin that has held that person in bondage. When men were under the law they were never able to be justified or freed from the bondage of sin, [Gal.2:16]. That law was a schoolmaster to bring you to Christ, [Gal.24-26], and you are a child of God by faith in Jesus Christ plus nothing.


Your Freedom to make your own personal choices has consequences

  • [Gal.6:7-8] You reap what you sow, Good or Bad
    • Sow to the flesh and reap corruption – [Gal.5:19-21] the works of the flesh
    • Sow to the Spirit and reap life everlasting – [Gal.5:22-23] the fruit of the Spirit

Your Freedom has consequences for those around you

  • [Rom.14:7] You are a testimony of good or bad to others whether you like it or not
    • [Prov. 20:11] No matter the age, you are a testimony, saved or lost
    • [2 Cor.5:20] You are here in Christ place, how good of an ambassador are you?


  • [Rom.14:10-12] Don’t judge others (self-righteousness), every one of us shall give account of himself to God.
    • [Luke 18:10-14] In judging others you exalt yourself
    • [1 Cor.9:19-22] Paul didn’t use his power or position, but became a servant (humility)
    • [Gal.5:13-14] Charity, the love of your neighbor, not the judging of him
    • [Phil.2:1-11] Exactly what the Lord Jesus Christ did for us



  • [Rom.14:13-15] Avoid placing a stumbling block or occasion to fall in a weaker brother’s path
    • [1 Cor.8:9-12] The things that you do, can cause others to do the same, sometimes to their hurt. (Parents: you are teaching your children 24/7, much more than teachable moments)
    • Your sin and the lack of conviction, will cause others to think that it is acceptable
    • Your mediocre Christian walk or growth will be a stumbling block for others



  • [Rom.14:16] Avoid things that appear wrong, even though they might not be wrong
    • [1 Thes.5:22] Abstain from all appearance of evil
    • Saved and lost alike are watching you constantly. Right or wrong you are being judged by their perception of evil. A good rule to go by is “if there is a doubt, don’t”.