Your Christian Walk

Your Christian Walk


Now that we are quickened and no longer dead in trespasses and sins, Paul explains our past, present, and future Christian walk. A good reminder of where you have been will help you really appreciate where you are now, and make you look forward to the future.

Our Past

Verse 2 – We walked according to:

               The course of this world

                              The world is contrary to God [Jn.1:10]

                              The world is evil [Gal.1:4]

                              We are not to love it [1Jn.2:15-17]

               The prince of the power of the air

                              The god of this world [2Cor.4:3-4]

Verse 3 – We all had our conversation in:

               The lust of the flesh [Eph.4:22] old conversation

 Fulfilling the desires of the flesh and mind [Gal.5:16-21] producing bad fruit

Our Present

Verse 4 – 6 We should be thankful for God’s:

               Rich mercy – Undeserved [Titus3:5]

              Great love – No greater [Jn.15:13]

             Great grace – Experienced by Apostles [Acts 4:31-33]

               God’s great gift – Eternal Life [Rom.6:23] [Jn.3:16]

Our Future

Verse 7 – 10 We will be partakers of:

               Exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us – Unsearchable now [Eph.3:8]

               Privilege of pleasing him with our good works

                              The good works of Titus:

                              [2:7] Have a pattern of good works

                              [2:14] We should be passionate about good works

                              [3:1] Be primed to do good works

                              [3:8] Our good works should be profitable unto men

                              [3:14] Maintaining good works should be productive

We should always be aware of our past, yet not still living in it. God has done great things to and for each of us, and we should walk daily in those. The true joy is that the best is yet to come!