Wine and Women Prov. 31:2-7

Wine & Women Prov. 31: 2-7 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

According to Prov 31:2-7, wine and women have been the ruin of men.

Women will ruin a man – if his wife is not from the Lord [a prudent wife is from the Lord, Prov 19:14] she can tear a man down – a man will fall in love with what he sees – and if he’s not careful he will let a woman take his strength, see Delilah – a whorish woman’s path leads straight to hell – Prov 7:27 – consider Jezebel in Rev 2:20 – consider Athaliah – contrast these with Ruth, Abigail, and Priscilla.

Wine – a man under the influence of strong drink will forget the law, pervert judgment, utter perverse things – strong drink is for the heavy hearted and as medicine for those who are dying – when Paul prescribed wine for Timothy’s medicine he was careful to prescribe a little and that was probably diluted with water – in Hab 2:15 men use the bottle to look on the nakedness – Lot’s daughters used wine to conceive by their father – wine left Noah naked and contributed to Ham’s sin and the curse of Canaan – Benhadad drinking himself drunk was exposed to defeat in battle – heavy drinking killed Nabal – drinking emboldened Balshazzar to worship the gods of gold, etc while drinking in the temple vessels of Israel – he lost his kingdom in a night – I had some priests who were heavy drinkers – Tom Dooley was a drunk – Monaghan was a drunk – you’ll notice that Job never took a drink to comfort him in his physical distress – Daniel and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused the king’s wine while in captivity – Jesus refused to drink the gall [vinegary wine] at the cross.

Watch out for loose women and whiskey [notice that the whore of Rev 17 is drunk] – these two worldly pleasures will destroy you – a bar room is no place to seek a bride.

Wait on God for your wife and prove her.