Willingly Offer Yourself II Chron. 17:1-16

Willingly Offer Yourself II Chron. 17:1-16 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In 2 Chr 7:16, Zichri willingly offered himself unto the Lord.  You need to willingly offer yourself unto the Lord.  When you willingly offer yourself unto the Lord you are making an offering.  You offering is:

A surrendered offering – “willingly” – you surrender your will to the Lord’s will.  it’s no longer about what you what but what the Lord wants.  When you surrender yourself to the Lord, his plans always work out better than yours.  And you will always be happier with the long range results of his will rather than yours.

A sacrificial offering – “himself” – you are giving the best you have.  You are giving your all, in the same way that Jesus gave his all.  It is easy to buy God off with money.  There are men who were called by God into the ministry but they stayed in business instead.  They gave plenty of money but part of their motive was to “buy God off.”  They could ease their conscience by giving money when what God really wanted was their life.

A sanctified offering – “unto the Lord” – your offering must be holy since it is to the Lord [Rom 12:1].  The Lord can use an unclean vessel but he doesn’t want to. He wants a holy vessel.  When you willingly offer yourself to the Lord you are giving him something to use.  So, give him something clean, not dirty.

Conclusion: surrender yourself to the Lord and offer yourself as a holy living sacrifice unto him.  He will use you and you will be happy with what he does through you in this life.