Why They Labored Rom. 16

Why They Labored Rom.16 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Rom 16 we see the many things that the saints did to labor in the ministry.  They labored unselfishly.  Why did they do things like start a church in their home, lay down their lives, suffer imprisonment, and labor abundantly?  Because of:

Their appreciation for salvation – Mk 1:40-45; Mk 5:18-20 – they were so thankful for what the Lord had done for them that they wanted to do something special for the Lord.  They wanted everyone to know the Lord.  So, they labored.

The urgency of time – Eph 5:14-18 – they redeemed the time.  When we look back on all the time of disobedience in our lives, we want to make up for all that lost time [2 Cor 10:6].  That’s why the Spirit of God fills us and that’s what the will of God is for us.  When you yield to the Spirit of God and to the will of God then you just take off for the Lord.  That’s how they labored.

The grace of God – 1 Cor 15:10 – Paul labored more abundantly, by the grace of God, than the other apostles.  And God’s grace was not bestowed upon him in vain.  If you are not doing something for the Lord, his grace has been bestowed upon you in vain.  Perhaps, you have labored but you have been trying to labor in your own strength and power.  Rely upon the grace of God.

Their purity from sin – Titus 2:14 – God redeems us from all iniquity and purifies unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.  The more you get cleaned up the more zeal you have for the work of God.  Perhaps you are still hanging on to sin.  You wouldn’t want a surgeon with dirty hands operating on you.  Nor does God want a dirty saint laboring for him.

The need of people – Rom 10:14 – someone must tell the lost about Jesus. Preach the gospel.  That’s how they labored and that’s how we need to labor.  We’re saved because someone preached the gospel to us; and the lost need to be saved by us telling them.

Conclusion: Remember how good it is to be saved.  And do all you can out of appreciation for what the Lord has done for you.  Realize that the time is short.  You have the grace of God.  Let the Lord purify you from sin and give you zeal.  Remember the lost and tell them about Jesus.