Why Have Ye Done This? Jud 2:2



In Jud 2:1-2 the angel of the Lord appeared to Israel and reminded them that he was the one that led them out of Egypt, he was the one who honored the covenant that he made with them, and he was the one who told them to make no league with the inhabitants of the land, but to throw down their altars, instead.  But they did not obey his voice.  So, he asked them, “Why have ye done this?”

When you read Jud 1, you see that Israel was not able to drive out the inhabitants in various parts of the land.  That’s because the angel told them had warned them that he wouldn’t drive them out if Israel refused to obey him, Jud 2:3.  Thus, these inhabitants became thorns in their sides and their gods were a snare unto Israel.  Sadly, Israel had trouble with these very things all the way through their occupation of the land and even when they returned under Ezra.

One of the principle reasons is that they never answered the angel’s question, “Why have ye done this?”  We know why.  The reasons are recorded in the Bible.  They envied the sinners around them.  They lusted after their women.  They saw their gods.  They feared their enemies.  They didn’t believe God.  

These are just some of the answers.  And each underlying cause had a corresponding remedy, command, or instruction that God provided to deal with it.  If they had dealt with their unbelief, for instance, or their fear or their lust or what they were looking at, they could have accomplished what they were never able to do.  David said, “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes.”  Solomon said, “Let not thine heart envy sinners.”  God said, “Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed.”

Likewise, when you find yourself in repeated disobedience to God, like Israel was here, you must answer this question. Until you understand why you keep doing the same sin, you will never be able to completely stop it.  Doing the same thing, the same way, you always get the same results.

When you’re dealing with sin in your life, ask yourself this question, Why have ye done this?  Why do I keep doing the same disobedient thing?  The answer to the question, “Why” will give you the insight to the root cause of the problem and a clue, therefore, to the solution.  Isn’t this the question you ask your children when they mess up?  Ask yourself the same question.

God said to witness.  You haven’t or you don’t or you won’t.  Why have ye done this?  The typical answers are not the root answers to the question.  I’ll give you an accurate answer for some of you, fear. Oh, you say, “I’m not afraid to tell someone about Jesus.”  God’s remedy for this is Heb 13:5-6.  Here’s another one, ignorance; you don’t know what to say.  God’s remedy for this is 2 Tim 2:15.  Here’s another true answer, bad conscience.  You feel like a hypocrite.  God’s remedy for this is 1 Pet 3:15-17.

God said to assemble.  Some haven’t or don’t or won’t.  Why have ye done this?  The typical answers these days are the masks, the virus, or such.  Those are not the root answers to the question for most people.  I’ll give you a true answer for some, disobedience.  God’s command is found in Heb 10:25.  We have made every conceivable effort to accommodate those who want to be here.  Some just don’t want to be here.  That’s a true answer.  Like Bro Hoffmeister said Sunday, “I started reading my Bible because I wanted to; not because I had to.”  So, deal with your “want to.”  That’s the real problem.  I think you’ll find the answer in Prov 14:14.

Conclusion: these two examples are only intended to give you an idea of how to deal with an area of sin and disobedience in your life.  You have to get to the root of it by truthfully answering the question “Why.”  And then address the truthful answer in your life by following the scriptures that lead you to the remedy.