Why Four Different Gospels Lesson #2 The Book of Mark

Why are there four different Gospels

Lesson #2 (The Book of Mark)

In this lesson we are going to look at the book of Mark to show why there are four different gospels. Remember from the previous lesson we established that one of the primary reasons for having four gospels is to show the fourfold presentation of the Lord Jesus Christ. The gospel of Mark will show him as Servant.

The Book of Mark:

One of the first things we see regarding Mark presenting Jesus Christ as a servant is the fact that Mark is said to be profitable to Paul in the ministry (2 Timothy 4:11). Therefore, he could be said to have been a servant. The goal of anyone serving is to be profitable in doing whatever they do. Being profitable doesn’t just mean making money it is referring to being of value to someone. Therefore, we see the author of the Book that presents Jesus as a servant being just that.

One of the key verses in Mark that shows us Jesus Christ as a servant is Mark 10:45, which reads, “For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.” The context here shows us that mankind has this backwards we think the leaders or the ones in charge are the great ones, but Jesus said that whoever is the servant is the real great one. This is something that all saved born again people should take note of especially in regard to serving God.

Below we will list some of the things that we see in the gospel of Mark that show us Jesus Christ as a servant. This is not a complete list but will show that there is plenty of evidence for this presentation of Jesus Christ as a servant.

1)  Note that there is no genealogy or record of the birth in the gospel of Mark.

  • One reason for the omission of these things is the fact that Mark represents Jesus as a servant, and no one would really be concerned with where and how a servant was born or where he was from.

2)  The gospel of Mark begins with the Public Ministry of Jesus Christ.

  • Mark gives no details concerning the early life of the Lord Jesus Christ as the books of Matthew and Luke do but remember that Mark is presenting Jesus Christ as a servant.

3)  Note how many chapters in Mark start with “And”.

  • Chapters number 2,3,4,5,6,9,10,11,12,13,15, and 16 all start with the word “And”.
  • This is a unique thing found only in Mark note that 12 out of 16 chapters being with “And”. This shows us something continual and if you look at the chapters what you will see is the continual service of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • This exactly how our service should be towards the Lord Jesus Christ.

4) We see the ministry of the hand.

  • Many miracles on the book of Mark are done with Jesus’ hand. Either with him taking someone by the hand or touching someone. (Mark 1:31,41 ; 5:41 ; 7:32 ; 8:22 ; 9:27)
  • Once again, a person serves with their hands, so Jesus is seen using his hands many times in this gospel compared to the other gospels.
  • As a matter of fact, we also see more miracles done it the book of Mark.

5)  The parables given are those connected with serving.

  • There are very few parables given in Mark and they are usually connected with service.

            The parable of the sower (Mark4:3-20), The parable of the seed (Mark 4:26-29), The     parable of the wicked husbandman (Mark 12:1-9)

6)  Omission of title. (Compare Matthew 21:9 with Mark 11:9).

  • In Matthew account of the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ the people cried “Hosanna to the son of David” but in the gospel of Mark it is recorded that they simply cried, “Hosanna”.
  • This is not a contradiction but in Matthew Jesus is presented as King, so they connect him with David. In Mark Jesus is presented as a servant there the title son of David is dropped.

7)  Note that Master is used in place of Lord.

  • When Matthew 8:25 is compared to Mark 4:38 and when Matthew 17:4 is compared with Mark 9:5 we see that in Matthew Jesus is called Lord and in Mark he is called servant.
  • Once again these are not contradictions, but changes made by the Holy Spirit to present Jesus in a different light.

Some things for us to note about the way in which Jesus served:

1)  Didn’t seek fame or publication.

  • Most of the times Jesus tried to get the people he healed to tell no one. He never sought fame or fortune.
  • This should be an example to us regarding our service of the Lord not to do it for recognition.

2)  He served with compassion.

  • Service without compassion doesn’t do very much. You must show people that you care.

3)  He served with great sacrifice.

  • We usually see Jesus either eating, sleeping, teaching, healing, traveling, or praying. In other words, he is always doing for other.
  • A life of service is a life of self-sacrifice, and we need to understand this in regard to serving the Lord.

Why are there four different Gospels

Lesson #2 (The Book of Mark) : Handout

1)  How does the author of Mark fit the fourfold presentation of Jesus Christ?

2)  What is the key verse in Mark that shows us Jesus as a Servant?

3)  List some of the things we see in the gospel of Mark that show us Jesus as a servant.

4)  What do we see concerning the way in which Jesus served?