Why do we only use the King James Bible (Part 1)

Why do we only use the King James Bible (Part 1)

(2 Peter 1:15-21)

In these two lessons we are going to be dealing with the question of why we only use the King James Version. Now this will not be a study of manuscript evidence although there is way more than enough evidence from manuscripts to prove that the King James Bible is the word of God without error. But in this series, we will look at support from the scriptures and examples from changes made in other versions for why we only use the King James Bible.

More Sure Word of Prophecy:

In the text for this lesson, we see the phrase “more sure word of prophecy”. This is extremely important in the passage because Peter is referring to the time when James, John and himself were on the Mount of Transfiguration and heard God speak from Heaven (Matthew 17:1-8).

But in our passage Peter says that the written word is more sure. This makes sense given simple rules of communication. Anything spoken can be misunderstood, heard wrong, forgotten etc. But when we have something written down it is clear and can be used for reference. So what Peter is saying is that the written word of God is a more sure word of Prophecy.

How we got the Bible:

Note in the passage prophets of old spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. Most call this Inspiration (2 Timothy 3:16). Here we have a point where the scholars tend to agree. They believe that God gave the originals. That is God told men like Moses, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah etc. what to write and they wrote.

The difference comes with the subject of preservation. The scholars do not believe that God was active in the preservation of his word. But Psalm 12:6-7 plainly says that God would preserve his word. This is why most new versions change these verses. But as one man wisely said, “Inspiration without Preservation would be a divine waste of time”.  

What is the real issue?

When we get down to it the real issue is final authority. Scholars who refuse to believe that there is a bible without error want to have themselves or some other person as their authority. Those who believe that there is a Bible without error believe that God is the final authority. So who is your final authority God, or man?

Why do we only use the King James Bible (Part 1) : Handout

(2 Peter 1:15-21)

1)  What is meant by the phrase “more sure word of prophecy”?

2)  What is the real issue with Inspiration verses preservation?

3)  What is the real issue when it comes to the word of God?