What’s Required in a Personal Relationship?

What’s Required in a Personal Relationship?

                A personal relationship requires certain things. A personal relationship with God is no different. After our salvation, our relationship with God is the most important aspect of our life. Without it, all else in this life is vanity. So what things are required in this personal relationship?

Believe Him  

               Abraham had a personal relationship with God               

James 2:23 Abraham was called “the Friend of God”. He had a personal relationship, and he had it because “Abraham believed God”.

Hebrews 11:6 this verse tells us two things: first, we must believe, He is who He says He is. Secondly, we must believe that we will be rewarded for this relationship. In a personal relationship with anyone, you must believe and trust in that person. Have you ever tried to have a relationship with someone who you could not trust? How did work out for you? The Lord is faithful and keeps his promises and has never given anyone a cause to not believe Him. Also, you would not attempt any relationship that you did not believe would benefit you. A strong personal relationship with the Lord will benefit you. So what is required in your personal relationship with the Lord? Believe Him.


Be concerned about His desires

                 Moses had a personal relationship with God            


Exodus 33:11 Moses had a “face to face” relationship with God. Why?

Exodus 33:13 ,Now therefore, I pray thee, if I have found grace in thy sight, shew me now thy way, that I may know thee,…” Moses said “shew me now thy way”. Moses was concerned with God’s will or desires over his own. We exist for His glory,[1Cor.10:31] and His pleasure,[Rev.4:11]. It is all about Him, not you. In a personal relationship “me, me, me…” is bad, bad, bad. I know of a mother that had a son who would call every day to tell her about him, and to get her to pray for him, all the while never asking about her. One day she said,” son, we have a perfect relationship, do you know why we get along so well? We get along so well because I love you and you love you. A strong personal relationship with the Lord requires that we be concerned with His desires.


Desire to be with Him, have fellowship.

                Paul had a personal relationship with God               

Philippians 3:10,That I may know him,…, and the fellowship of his sufferings, …; “ Fellowship is required in a personal relationship. Probably the best fellowship you have with the Lord is in periods of suffering. In the military, for example, men who go through suffering together come out the other end very close together. But fellowship with God is available 24/7 through prayer and Bible reading. A strong personal relationship with the Lord requires your fellowship with Him.