What’s Your Reputation Smell Like?

What’s Your Reputation Smell Like?


Your reputation is what others think in their mind when they see you, [Prov. 20:11] “Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right”. Solomon Tells us in this passage that “a little folly” can stink up your reputation. Small things can make it stink.


James 3:5-10      Your Tongue

[Lk.6:45] It’s a reflection of the treasure of your heart!

To rule your tongue, change your heart.


James 4:1-5         Your Lusts

“lusts that war in your members” [2 Tim.2:25] “oppose themselves”

[Eph.4:20-24] the war with your old man

Friendship with the world, and enmity with God [1 Jn.2:15-17] tied to lust

Envy, [James 3:13-18] based on an earthly wisdom


James 4:6-10      Your Pride

Humility makes a great reputation

Pride is always exposed to others when you can’t see it in yourself, stinky!


James 4:11-12    Your Judging Others

If the truth be known, it’s a full-time job keeping you in God’s will, without spending time to judge others.

[1 Cor.11:31] Self judgment foremost.


James 4:13-16    Your Boasting

Taking the blessings of God for granted, it’s evil


James 4:17          Your Knowing and Not Doing

When you know what you are doing is wrong, and do it anyway, others see that and it stinks!!!!

[Lk.12:41-48] God requires much of you!

Small things can make it stink, be very careful.