What is in Thine Hand?

What is in Thine Hand?

(Exodus 4:1-9)

In the passage for this sermon God gave Moses three signs to show Israel so that they would know that God had sent him. One of these signs dealt with the rod that Moses was carrying in his hand. In this sermon we will look at the rod as a type of our abilities and how we can use them for God.

Note in verse 2 God asked Moses a very important question, “What is in thine hand”. Moses had probably carried this rod for many years and did not give much thought to what he could do with it besides using it as a shepherd’s tool. We are just like that many times maybe we have gifts, talents, or abilities that God has given us, and we never think about using the for the glory of God.

When we think about the amazing things that Moses did with the rod like the plagues of Egypt, parting the Red Sea, leading Israel to victory against the Amalekites etc., we might think that it was some special rod. But the fact is that it was the power of God and had nothing to do with the rod. God just used it.

It is interesting to note that in Exodus 4:2 it is Moses’ rod, in verse 20 it was called the rod of God. What happened is Moses’ rod became God’s rod. When how abilities, talents, and gifts become God’s gifts then God can use them to accomplish great things.

How to have our abilities become God’s abilities:

1)  We must cast them down (verse 3)

  • Until we are willing to let it go it will not fully belong to the Lord.
  • Until we cast it down, we cannot see how dangerous it really is. (Example: Heart, Fire, Sword etc.)

2)  God must work on the hand that holds the ability (verse 6)

  • Vessel of God must be kept clean and sanctified (1 Thessalonians 4:1-7 ; 2 Timothy 2:19-21)

3)  Then the hands can pour out the water to accomplish God’s purpose (verse 9)

  • When we give our abilities to God, and we keep the vessel clean and ready for use then the work of God can go forth and produce something (Exodus 3:29-31)