What does the Bible say about homosexuality (Part 3)

What Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality (Part 3)

In this last lesson on what the Bible says about homosexuality we are going to be looking at some things the word of God says are connected with this sin. Some of these things are easy to see in our society today because of the growing popularity connected with this sin and some may not be. Either way the word of God is clear when it comes to these matters.

1)  Pride (Isaiah 3:9 ; Ezekiel 16:46-49)

  • In Isaiah and Ezekiel we see that Israel is being compared to Sodom and her sin which is connected with pride.
  • In the previous lessons we showed how Satan uses this sin as a type of rebellion against God’s established order. Satan’s original sin was connected with pride and in Job 41:34 he is called the king over the children of pride, therefore it is should be no surprise to see pride connected with this sin.
  • When pride gets connected in regards committing a sin it can become very dangerous. In Judges 19-20 we have the case where men who were connected with the sin of homosexuality wound up raping a concubine who belonged to a Levite. The Levite chopped up the dead body of his concubine and sent a part to all the parts of Israel. The children of Israel gathered together to inquire of the matter. When it was told what had happened they went to the tribe of Benjamin and demanded the men who had done this wickedness. The tribe of Benjamin not only would not give them the men who had committed the sin but they were willing to fight all of Israel and nearly got the tribe of Benjamin destroyed completely. This is a great example of pride going before destruction as it says in Proverbs.
  • It is no wonder that we see so much about pride connected with this sin today.

2)  Connecting it to spiritual things (2 Kings 23:7)

  • Note in this passage that the sodomites had a house right by the house of the Lord, where the women were weaving hangings for the groves (groves were used in connection with worshipping false gods).
  • Here we see the sodomites were not only connected with worshipping false gods but that they had made themselves a place right along side of the house of the Lord.
  • There are many today that will tell you God makes people this way. As we have shown before this is not the case. But it does not surprise us that today many people are trying to make this sin spiritual.

3)  Changing things against nature (Romans 1:26-27 ; 1 Corinthians 6:9)

  • We have commented on Romans 1:26-27 in the previous lessons.
  • Note the word effeminate in 1 Corinthians 6:9. In a dictionary from 1828 by Noah Webster that word is defined as; having qualities of the female sex, soft or delicate to an unmanly degree, to make womanish, to unman.
  • It is interesting in this sin that many times men will want to look like women and women will want to look like men. Our society has been trying for many years to take away the genders and things connected with them that God has established. It will only lead to trouble. This is why God put Deuteronomy 22:5 in the Old Testament Law. Men should look like men and women should look like women.

4)  The Judgment of God (Jude 7 ; 2 Peter 2:6)

  • In both of these passages the judgments that God placed on Sodom and Gomorrah are said to be examples for us today.
  • In Jude 7 note that Sodom also had trouble with fornication as well as going after strange flesh. The truth is that God is one day going to judge all sin. As we said in the first lesson sin is sin and God will deal with sin whether it is sexual sin, stealing, disobeying parents etc.

In these three lessons we have tried to show what the word of God says in regards to this matter. Many will disagree that is no surprise, but remember the real problem is with the word of God.


What Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality (Part 3)


1)  How is pride connected to this sin?



2)  Give an example from the word of God where this sin gets connected to something spiritual.



3)  How is this sin connected with changing things against nature?



4)  What was Sodom and Gomorrah said to be in the New Testament?