What David Gave Solomon



What David Gave Solomon

1 Kings 3:5-15


“Ask what I shall give thee” Wow what a deal! Ever thought what would be you answer? Maybe Verse 11? Probably or worse! Ever thought about “what David gave his son? David gave his son an excellent Testimony of who he was and who God is! The first thing out of Solomon’s mouth is him describing his father, David was a Servant of God – Verse 6, Not a king, Not a husband, Not a soldier, But Solomon identified David as “thy servant David”. What a testimony!

What are you leaving? To your: children, family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, Your Sphere of influence? My personal testimony to my kids and family is not what it should have been. Look and see what David gave Solomon.

The Testimony of God’s Great Mercy  “according as he walked before thee ”

  • In Truth
    • [John 17:17] “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.”
    • When you walk in truth, you have fellowship with God through his word, not fear or emotions!
    • And it shows, [Ex.34:27-30] Moses face shone
    • David had the testimony of walking in Truth, enough so that his son knew this way before God gave him any wisdom or understanding!
  • In Righteousness
    • Outwardly living right and doing right
    • Obey the laws of the land?
    • Pay all your bills on time?
    • Go to church, read and pray?
    • David had the testimony of walking in righteousness!
  • In Uprightness of heart
    • Inwardly have Godly motives?  Praying, giving, trusting God?
    • Are you a Pharisee? Doing things just to be seen? Hypocrite? Only doing things to benefit yourself? Or the same ole servant of God everywhere and every time?
    • David had the testimony of walking in uprightness of heart!

The Testimony of God’s Great Kindness

  • “given him a son to sit on his throne”
  • Solomon was given the same opportunity to serve God as his father!
  • Solomon knew that he had the same opportunity to have his own relationship with God!
  • God’s great kindness is His Grace!
  • [Eph.2:7] God expresses his kindness through Jesus Christ!
  • Because of David, Solomon knew about God’s great kindness.

The Testimony of God’s Great People

  • Verse 8 – “in the mist of thy people which thou hast chosen, a great people,”
  • Solomon was exactly where he needed to be!
  • He knew how great God’s people were! Unlike many churched kids of today!- run for the world!
  • God’s Great people are my family – [Ps.68:6]

Conclusion:        Solomon already knew all of this before the Lord ever gave him an understanding heart! He knew because his father lived it and it was real to Solomon. We must have the same testimony and give to others!