What can we learn from Dogs ?

What can we learn from Dogs?



I love my dog, and most people love dogs. God, on the other hand has nothing good to say about dogs in the Bible. Every passage has a negative context. Let’s explore some of these passages. There are many Christians that resemble a dog rather than a child of God.


Hound dog        [Prov.26:11]       Always have their nose where it don’t belong                                                                                   Busybody            [1Pet.4:15] (in other men’s matters)                                                                                                                         [2 Thes.3:10-12] (eat their own bread)


Stray dogs           [Matt.7:6]           can’t trust them   (turn again and rend you)

The Reason:

[Ps.22:16 & 20]  They run with the pack, under no authority (the power of the dog)                                       [Ecc.8:4] we get power from the word of a king

Bad dogs              [Prov.26:17]       Dogs have no problem biting, hurting, and scaring others

[Jer.15:3]            Dogs are natural to Tear down and not build up                                                                         [Col.4:6]                speech with grace           [Col.3:12-17] how to build up                                                             [Eph.4:29]          to the use of edifying


Show dog          [Deu.23:18]        Just look pretty, usually pricey – the Pharisees


Lazy or dumb dog          [Isa.56:10]           Lay on the porch, sleeping and cannot bark                                                                                                             don’t fulfill their duties

Greedy dog      [Isa.56:11]           Can never have enough                                                                                                                                                Look to their own way, for their own gain, all about me!


Noisy dogs          [Ps.59:6-7]          swords are in their lips                                                                                                                                                  [Prov.30:14]       Spiteful                                                                                                                                              [Ps.10:14]            to Retaliate                                                                                                                                      Bark, bark, bark – very irritating

As the Lord said in Job, we can learn from the animals. Do any of these dogs speak of you?