What Can We Learn From Animals Lesson #2 Typology (Matthew 21:1-11)

What Can We Learn From Animals

Lesson #2 Typology (Matthew 21:1-11)

In this lesson we are continuing to see what we can learn from animals. In Matthew 21:1-11 God uses an animal, and it can be an excellent picture of a lost man.  The passage deals with Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem where he rode into Jerusalem on the colt the foal of an ass being cheered  on by the people as King.

This event had been prophesied in the Old Testament and therefore (Genesis 49:11 ; Zechariah 9:9). But have you ever wondered why God chose a colt the foal of an ass to have his son ride use when riding into Jerusalem? When we look at the passages in both Mark and Matthew that show us this event, we see some amazing typology concerning an ass being a type of a lost person in the word of God.

The typology:

1)  Man is born as a wild ass’s colt (Job 11:12)

  • To ride a wild ass’ colt he must first be broken. To break one, you must ride him.
  • This pictures a lost man because we are all born sinners (Romans 3:23). We get or sin nature from Adam (Romans 5:12). As a result we need to be saved. The unbroken colt is a type of a lost man.

2)  Israel was to redeem the firstling of an ass with a lamb (Exodus 13:1)

  • This is a type of a lost man because he needs to be redeemed by the lamb of God.
  • If the firstling of an ass was not redeemed, then his neck was to be broken. When a man is hung his neck is broken. The bible says, cursed is the man that hangeth on a tree (Galatians 3:13). When Jesus died for our sins, he was crucified and hung on a cross. Therefore, when he was redeeming us from the curse of the Law, he became a curse for us.

3)  The colt was tied by the door (Mark 11:4)

  • This is a picture of a lost person being bound in their sin before salvation (Romans 6:16-20).

4)  The colt needed to be loosed, but this brought opposition (Mark 11:5)

  • The disciples loosed the colt and brought him to Jesus (Mark 11:6). This will always bring opposition.
  • Any time you try to get someone to Jesus there will always be opposition from someone or something especially the devil.

5)  Note he is by a door where two ways met (Mark 11:4)

  • Jesus is the door that leads to salvation (John10:29).
  • The interesting thing here is that he is also in a place where two ways meet. This speaks of the decision that all people must make when they come face to face with Jesus. Will you go his way and accept his salvation or will you go your own way and reject his salvation?

6)  The Lord had need of the colt (Matthew 21:3)

  • Jesus can use anyone for his work after salvation (Acts 9:5)

7)  They gave the colt new clothes (Mark 11:7)

  • A lost person is clothed with filthy rags before salvation (Isaiah 61:10). After salvation he is clothed with the righteousness of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:21).

8)  The Lord Jesus rode him into Jerusalem (Mark 11:7)

  • From this we see that Jesus was in control of him, the ass was broken. This pictures us after salvation. We should let the Lord Jesus have control of our lives (Romans 12:1-2).

From the typology we see that every lost man must come to Jesus and be broken if he is going to be of use to the King.

What Can We Learn From Animals

Lesson #2 Typology (Matthew 21:11) : Handout

1) What is the animal to be studied from this passage?

2)  Why is this event important in regards to the word of God?

3)  What can we learn from the animal in this lesson?

4)  How is the animal in this lesson a type of a lost man?

5)  What is a good spiritual lesson from this animal for us to learn?