What can be Learned from your Mother

What can be Learned from Your Mother?


King Lemuel was taught some things in this chapter of Proverbs. We will pick up her teaching in verse 10. This virtuous woman spoken of is a mother (verse 28). This passage is full of things that a mother does, and we should clearly be thankful for our mother.

Verse 10-12 

She loves your father  a great example for us, [Eph.5:22-24] Her submission

Verse 13 She works willingly        Verse 16-19        For your good   overtime!

Verse 14-15  She nourished you          From birth, many a night!

Verse 20   She reached out to others           Compassion for you and others

Verse 21-22   She is always prepared, a magical purse with every need

Verse 23    She does all this so your father can do his job    Very important

Verse 24    She is willing to work outside the home if needed           Whatever it takes!

Verse 25     Working  with the end in mind  Will rejoice when job is completed, patience

Verse 26      She controlled her mouth, with wisdom and kindness

Never heard my mom bad mouth anything or anyone

Verse 27      She is committed and focused   [Prov.17:12] don’t mess with her!

Verse 28    She deserves blessing and praise    [Eph.6:2] Honor-Commanded!

Verse 29-30     She fears the Lord           [2 Tim.1:5] pass it down  No Regrets!

Verse 31     Her own works praise her            Make mother’s day every day!

Many wonderful things can be learned from your mother!