Wednesday Night Prayer Acts1:14, 4:24

Wednesday Night Prayer Acts1:14, 4: 24 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Why do we keep having Wednesday night prayer?  The answer is found in the Bible.  We keep having Wednesday night prayer meeting because:

Prayer keeps us in one accord – Acts 1:14; 4:24 – it’s the old adage that the family that prays together, stays together.

Prayer keeps us filled with the Spirit – Acts 4:31 – after the church prayed following the threats of the chief priests and the elders, they were all filled with the Holy Ghost.

Prayer keeps us preaching with boldness – Acts 4:31 – it is easy to cool off when you find that your message is not widely popular and that there is resistance to the truth.

Prayer keeps us burdened for the needs of others – Acts 4:32-35 – when we pray for each other and we pray for our missionaries we are more responsive to their needs.

Prayer keeps us ministering the word of God – Acts 6:4-7 – when other necessities arise in the church, prayer keeps us stayed on the ministry of the word – thus the word of God increases and the number of disciples multiplies.

Prayer keeps us divinely protected – Acts 12:5 – as Peter was protected from denying the Lord, so we are protected from false doctrine and defection from the faith.

Prayer keeps us supplying laborers for the Lord’s harvest – Acts 13:1-3 – as the Holy Ghost and the church sent out Paul and Barnabas, so our church should prepare laborers whom the Lord may send forth into his harvest [Matt 9:37-38].

Conclusion: For these reasons we keep having Wednesday night prayer!!