Wayne Sehmish – All Things Are Now Ready, Lk 14:16-17

This sermon was preached by Dr. Waynes Sehmish.  The text is Lk 14:16-17.

The summary of the sermon is that God already has all things ready for you before you need them.  For example, all Adam needed for his food in Gen 1:29 had already been prepared for him in Gen 1:12.  The guests in Lk 14 were not invited to the supper until after all things were ready for them.  Therefore, get in alignment with God so that he can bless you with the provision you will need along the path he is leading you.  This is a pattern with God.  He prepares something, then he reveals what he has done in his words, and then we appropriate what he has done by believing what he said.  In salvation, for instance, Christ has already done what we need through his death, burial and resurrection.  God revealed this provision to us through his words.  All we must do is believe what he said and call upon the name of the Lord to be saved.  In your service, all you will need has already been provided for you.  For example, the tree that Moses needed to sweeten the bitter waters of Marah in Ex 15:23-25 had been planted long before Moses ever needed it.