Waiting to See the Glory of God John 11:1-44

Waiting to See the Glory of God John 11:1-44 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In this passage we see where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. In this miracle we see Jesus waiting two days after hearing the news of Lazarus being sick before he went to him. Many times we will be like Mary and Martha in our own Christian lives. We will make a request of God through prayer and then he will not answer in the time that we think he should or he will tell us not now wait awhile.

In this sermon we will try to look at some of the reasons that Jesus waited and also see the difference that can be made in our lives if we are willing to wait on the Lord.

Why did Jesus wait?

1) For the Glory of God (verse 4)

  • Everything we do should glorify God. But this is a hard thing sometimes. Note in this case Mary and Martha had to have some that they loved die for the Lord to be glorified.

2)  For the Son to be Glorified (verse 4)

  • Jesus is not seeking to be glorified here for himself but that the Father might be glorified through him. (John 17:1-10)

3)  To teach Martha about the Glory of God (verses 21-26 ; 38-40)

  • Martha seems to be a little self centered in this thing with Lazarus (verses 21-22)
  • Jesus takes the opportunity to show her the great truth concerning him being the resurrection and the life.(verses 25-26)
  • Jesus asks Martha if she believes and she says yes (verse 27-28). But when Jesus gets to the tomb and tells them to take away the stone, Martha objects and says that Lazarus stinks by now.
  • Many times we are just like Martha, we sound spiritual and quote Romans 8:28 but on the inside we never really believe it.
  • Jesus tells Martha that if she would believe she would see the glory of God (verse 40). This obviously has something to do with what Jesus was saying about him being the resurrection and the life. Therefore when Martha sees Lazarus resurrected from the dead she not only sees the glory of God but she really learns what Jesus was trying to teach her.

4)  So that others would believe (verse 42)

  • Mary and Martha were not the only ones needing to see Lazarus raised from the dead, there were many of the Jews from Jerusalem that also need to see and believe on Jesus Christ.
  • Sometimes when we are waiting on God it may not have anything to do with us but it may simply be about someone else.
  • Would we be willing to wait so that others might believe?

The difference that waiting to see the glory of God can make :

There are two times in scripture that Jesus ate a meal at Mary and Martha’s house.

1)  Luke 10:38-42

  • In this passage we see Martha is serving and Mary is setting at the feet of Jesus.
  • Martha complains about the fact that Mary is not helping her serve and Jesus reproves Martha for this complaint.

If we are not careful we will become just like Martha in our serving. If our serving is all about us and what we are doing for the Lord instead of serving so that God can be glorified we will begin to complain about all the others who are not serving.

2)  John 12:1-11

  • Here we see Jesus once again eating at the house of Mary and Martha.
  • Note that Martha is serving and that Mary takes very expensive ointment and anoints the feet of Jesus and wipes his feet with her hair.

In this passage Martha is still serving. Note that she did not quit serving even though Jesus reproved her for the way that she was serving. Some saved people get rebuked because of the way that they are serving and simply quit, but not Martha.

Mary is still sitting at the feet of Jesus but this time she anoints them with a very precious ointment.

Something has changed. Martha is not complaining and Mary is not only worshipping but giving something of great value to the Lord. What is the difference between these two occurrences? The difference is John chapter 11. They had both seen the glory of God and it has changed the way they lived and served. Martha still serves and Mary still worships at the feet of Jesus but now there is added giving and no complaining.

If we would be willing in our lives to simply wait on the Lord then we too could see the Glory of God. If we could see the Glory of God then our serves would be less about us and more about him. Our worship would include a lot more giving or personal sacrifice. But the key is being willing to wait to see the Glory of God.