Wait on God

Wait on God

Ps. 25:3

Most Christians will try anything before they decide to wait on God. To wait on God is often the last choice. In this lesson we will look at a few circumstances when you should always wait on God.


When you don’t know what to do

[Ps.25:5] Lead me and teach me

[Prov.20:24] there are things about your way or path that only God knows

[Jer.10:23] You can’t do it by yourself!


When you are emotional

[Ps.69:1-3] crying…, a crisis, because you can’t have something you want!

[Ps.27:13-14] the Lord will strengthen your heart, when you wait!


When things are not going well

[Ps.145:14-21] it will get better, in due season

[Gal.6:9] be not weary in well doing, keep doing what you know pleases God today.


When you are spiritually burdened or physically restless

[Rom.8:24-25] hoping for something we don’t yet see, a ministry, spouse, job, etc.

[Lam.3:26] patience is good, and a burden from the Lord is always bearable

[Matt.11:28-30] His yoke is easy, if it isn’t easy, it isn’t from the Lord!


When there is a good chance that you will do the wrong thing

[Prov.20:22] don’t recompense (repay) evil, and make really bad choices!

[Ps.25:20-21] wait and let integrity and uprightness preserve you


When you haven’t finished what you came to do

[Ps.62:5] wait only upon God

If you are in the will of God today, keep it up! The saying, “opportunity only knocks once” is not Biblical, and it will cause you to stop what you are doing for God, and may misdirect you down a wrong path.