UN-Tapped Power

UN-Tapped Power

Eph. 1:15-19


Paul prays that they will understand “the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward”. When you got saved you were made to have access to a supernatural power that very few of us ever tap into completely. Due to great amounts of false teaching on this subject, we will be very careful to stick to the scripture and let it speak for itself.

The Gospel

  • [Rom.1:18]  of God, unto salvation
  • [1 Cor.1:18] Preaching of the cross
  • [1 Cor.2:1-5] The demonstration of
  • There is a supernatural power in the preaching of the gospel and in the hearing of the gospel


  • [Eph.3:14-21] Paul is once again praying for them and tells them that there is a “power that worketh in us”. God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think, that’s your prayer life! There is a power that worketh in us that God uses. I realize that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us [Rom.8:26-27], but there is power in prayer that we rarely tap in to.


Your Christian Walk

  • [Acts 1:8] You have received it to be a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ. When given the opportunity you can access boldness [Acts 4:31], and remember the exact scripture that the Lord wants you to use [John 14:26].
  • [2 Tim.1:7] God has given it to you to overcome fear.
  • [Eph.6:10] His strength to fight your spiritual battles, [Col.1:10-11] according to his …
  • [2Cor.8:3] To accomplish things beyond your ability
  • [2Cor.12:9] To endure things when you are weak


How do you tap into it ?

  • First Get Saved, become a child of God
  • By faith, [1 Pet.1:5] You must believe that these things are true!
  • Control your free will, [1Cor.6:12] Who’s are you under?
  • Submit yourself to God, [1 Pet.5:6-9] Humble yourself, stop trying to control everything, let God control your life.
  • To have access to that power that worketh in you, “you” must get out of the way.