Truth and Mercy Ps. 85:10

Truth & Mercy Ps. 85:10 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Ps 85:10 we find truth and mercy and righteousness and peace mentioned.  Doctrinally, this passage fits in the millennial reign of Jesus Christ.  However, there is definitely a spiritual application to us.  The hinge word in this passage is “truth.”  Notice the connection between truth and mercy, truth and righteousness and truth and peace.

Truth and Mercy – When you received Jesus Christ, he saved you forever.  All of your sin was forgiven and you were justified.  You will never face a judgment in which you could be condemned to hell.  However, though sin can never affect your soul eternally, it can definitely affect your fellowship with the Lord temporally.  Just read and carefully consider 1 Jn 1:7-9.

In the Bible you will often find truth and mercy mentioned together as in Gen 24:27, Ps 25:10 and Ps 100:5. Truth is what God said; it’s not your thought, your opinion, your intuition, your feeling, your belief or your desire.  When you are in need of the Lord’s mercy, you must approach him in truth.

Consequently, when you sin you must deal truthfully with your sin in order for the Lord to extend you mercy.  The trouble with Christians today is that they are not willing to admit to the Lord the truth about their sin.  A fellow who looks at things on the internet he’s not supposed to see must recognize from God’s word that he is an adulterer, a whoremonger.  A girl who sleeps around may just think of herself as a flirt; she’s a fornicator, a whore.  A fellow who overeats may excuse himself by saying he just likes to eat; but he is a glutton.  A fellow who drinks a little too much is a drunkard.  You need to deal with the Lord “straight up;” he already knows what you are: greedy, proud, angry, envious, bitter, etc.

When you sin and get away with it [Ecc 8:11] and just give the blanket “forgive me of my sins” prayer over a meal or at bedtime, you may think you have received the Lord’s mercy.  You haven’t.  Instead, you are either benefiting from his longsuffering [where he is just putting up with you] or his forbearance [where he is withholding punishment from you].  The Lord’s goodness, forbearance and longsuffering are extended to you to bring you to repentance [Rom 2:4].  His mercy is extended when you have repented.  Just look what David did after he sinned with Bathsheba.  He came to the Lord in truth, repented of his sin and received the Lord’s mercy [Ps 51:1-5].  Look at Prov 16:6 and Prov 28:13.

Truth and Righteousness – when we received Jesus Christ, he took up residence inside of us.  We have his righteousness in us so that we can yield our members as instruments of righteousness unto God.  We don’t have to yield our members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin [Rom 6:13].  Our loins are to be girt about with truth and we are to have on the breastplate of righteousness [Eph 6:14].  See also Eph 5:9; 1 Ki 3:6.

Listen, for this righteousness of Jesus Christ to strengthen us to live “right” we must deal truthfully with God about our sin.  If you aren’t seeing your sin in truth the way that God sees your sin, then you will never look to his righteousness to strengthen you against that sin.  A fellow caught in adultery confessed that he didn’t have the strength to quit.  However, when the Lord showed him his sin from God’s perspective, the fellow repented and the righteousness of Jesus Christ in him prevailed against that sin so that he quit it altogether.  You’re not walking in righteousness because you are not walking in truth.

Truth and Peace – Jer 33:6 and Mal 2:6 – you are not enjoying the peace of God in your life because you are not truthful with God about your sin.  Some Christians come to church, if they come at all, expecting that God is going to “lower the boom” on them when they walk in the door.  They are agitated and wary because of their sin.  If you will deal with your sin in absolute truth, receive the Lord’s mercy, turn away from it and walk in his righteousness you are going to be at peace in the Lord’s truth.  You are not going to know the fullness of his peace until you are absolutely truthful with him about your sin.  All of your attempts to cover your sin, justify your sin, excuse your sin, minimize your sin and deny your sin are limiting the peace of God in your life.  Don’t be superficial; get down to the root of the problem in truth.

Conclusion: Jesus Christ is the truth [Jn 14:6] and he extends his mercy to you when you receive him [Titus 3:5].  So, if you have not yet trusted the Lord Jesus as your Savior you must receive him in order to have his mercy.  Then after you receive him be completely truthful with him