Trust in the Lord with all thine Heart

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart

Proverbs 3:5

                When I was first assigned the duty of teaching the College and Career group (and since then the Young Family group also) I was very unsure of the ability I possessed to teach anything that would be profitable to them. I felt that I was so much older that I would not be able to connect with them. The Lord gave me a scripture, Ps.71:18. I work very hard each week to show the Lord’s strength and power to this generation. I know how much good can be enjoyed by a God centered life, but how can I convince you? We talk of submitting yourself to God, obeying God, and serving God. But neither you, nor I will do any of that, until we trust God. I will not submit, obey, or serve anyone that I don’t trust.      I believe that at the core of a Christian life should be a total trust in the Lord. Some of us older folk have gotten there by trusting in everything else first, and then realizing what really works. I have learned by the “process of elimination” what works and what doesn’t. If you won’t believe me, believe God’s word.

Things not to trust in:

[Prov.3:5]  Own understanding

  • We trust in God on our own terms, more when we need something from him.
  • We serve God on our own terms, when it doesn’t interfere with anything.
  • We obey God on our own terms, as long as I can do as I please.
[1 Tim.6:17]  Uncertain riches

  • [Ps.62:10] the more they increase the more you trust in them
  • [Prov. 11:28] not might, but “shall” fall
  • [Prov. 23:5] they fly away
[Prov.28:26]  Own heart

  • [Jer. 17:9] deceitful above all, and desperately wicked
  • Your emotions and feelings are not to be trusted
[2 Cor.1:9] Ourselves

  • [John 15:5] “…for without me ye can do nothing.”
  • [Rom. 7:18] “…in me…dwelleth no good thing…”
[Jer. 17:5] Man

  • You are cursed by trusting in man, because man is cursed [Gal.3:10,13]
  • [Phlip.4:9] Paul said to “do”, He was a good example because of his authority – God.
  • [Ps.118:8] trust in the Lord

When we can stop trusting in these things, we will be able to trust in the Lord.