For Such A Time As This Est 4:14

For Such a Time As This Esther 4: 14 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Esther 4:14 Esther had come to the kingdom for such a time as this.  The text doesn’t say “for this time.”  It says for “such a time” as this.  Many of us encounter times in our lives that are “such” a time.  Jesus did at Calvary.  Jacob did when he had to send Benjamin to Egypt.  And you will, too.

When you are come to the kingdom for such a time as this:

You are often ignorant of the need Esther 4:1-7.  The need for the Jews was outside of the palace.  Esther didn’t know why they were wailing and in sackcloth.  The need of missions is outside of your immediate realm.  Someone must make you aware of the need.  Missionaries make presentations about the needs of their fields to make you aware of the needs in other parts of “the kingdom.”  Taking missions trips will help you see the need, firsthand.  Mordecai is a type of the Lord Jesus Christ and he made Esther aware of the need.

You often hear a definite call Esther 4:8-9.  Mordecai is a type of Jesus; he charges us to respond to the need like Mordecai charged Esther.  The call to preach is a definite call.  A call to the mission field is a very definite call.  It is not merely a burden or an emotional response to the need.  It is an unmistakable call to meet a specific need.

You will often have a legitimate excuse Esther 4:10-12.  Esther definitely had a legitimate excuse to not approach the king about this need. She could have died.  Jacob had a legitimate excuse because he did not want to lose Benjamin.  Moses had a legitimate excuse because he was not eloquent.  Many men who respond to the need of missions have legitimate excuses.  Their wives may not be in good health.  They may not be in good health.  These obstacles and hindrances are not there to stop you.  They are just part of the work.

You will often prefer your current situation Esther 4:13 (14). Esther was in the King’s palace.  She was very comfortable where she was.  To respond to this need could have been potentially disastrous to her.  You are in Bible Believers Baptist Church.  Who in his right mind would leave here to go and endure the hardships of a mission field?  You might be more inclined to just give more money and pray harder and stay here.  I spoke with a pastor who was considering an opportunity that had been presented to him.  He said, “I am very comfortable where I am right here. I don’t feel inclined to respond to this opportunity.”  Jesus had just made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem before his trial.  What an inopportune time to die.  But if this is your time then it is your time.

If the need is going to be met by you:

You will have to yield to the call of God Esther 4:15-16.  Esther and others had to fast and pray.  This is what the apostles and disciples did before they sent out missionaries in Acts 13.  This is a work of faith.  Fasting and praying prepares you to yield to the call of God.

You will have to die to yourself Esther 4:16.  Esther said, “if I perish, I perish.” Jacob said, “if I be bereaved of my children, I am bereaved.”  Jesus said, “Nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt.”  You must deny yourself and pick up your cross [Matt 16:24-25].  The cross is where you and I perish in response to God‘s call.  The problem in this whole thing is ME.  I am the problem. I must die.

Conclusion: in Romans 8:34, Jesus intercedes for us.  In Esther 4:17 Mordecai prayed for Esther.  But you can see how the events unfolded.  God had made all kinds of preparations for Israel following Esther’s surrender.  She gained the favor of the king.  He not only attended her first banquet but he also attended her second banquet.  Haman raised the gallows.  The king had a sleepless night. The king read in the chronicles the assassination plot that Mordecai foiled.  The king heard Esther‘s petition.  And he responded affirmatively.  Haman was destroyed.  Mordecai was promoted.  The Jews were permitted to take up arms to defend themselves.  The Jews were saved.  Every single event demonstrates God’s intervention.  All he needed was a willing servant to respond to the need. And this is the same thing that is true for you in missions.