Time and Chance

Time and Chance


Time and chance does happen to all of us. We are so quick to blame the devil or the wrath of God for any sudden or unexpected circumstance in our life. In truth, many things just happen. The problem is that these things “falleth suddenly” on us, without warning or preparation. Time and chance occurrences always seem to be unexpected. Let’s see what Solomon says about these things.


Time and chance happeneth to them all


  1. “the race is not to the swift”
    1. On paper, every race should be won by the fasted participant, but they still run the race. In the Olympics, the record holders should win each race, but many times they don’t. Time and chance changes the outcome.
    2. Don’t you love to see the runner that never expected to win, do their best and win!
  2. “nor the battle to the strong”
    1. It just seems that the strongest guy will win the fight. There is an old saying “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog that matters”.
    2. David should have never defeated Goliath.
  3. “neither yet bread to the wise”
    1. [2 Thes.3:10-12] bread should depend on if it’s worked for. Some folks are “World wise” and can be fed very well without working.
    2. There are men who lose their job, by no fault of their own and for a while have trouble providing food to eat. Time and chance comes and falleth suddenly when folks lose their jobs unexpectant.
  4. “nor yet riches to men of understanding”
    1. [Prov.22:29] Many men of understanding in a certain field go broke in business, yet they were very diligent.
    2. Successful business men understand their craft and the business end also.
  5. “nor yet favor to men of skill”
    1. Many times, men of skill never attain a level of favor in others minds. Many times, envy steps in and favor is removed.
    2. When I was in business, we hired a very skilled carpenter. He never had any favor because of his drug habit and his need to steal us blind.



It would be wonderful if men of skill, understanding, wisdom, strength, and swiftness always had success, because we all strive to be like them. But time and chance make none of these a sure thing. So how can we survive Time and Chance when it falleth suddenly on us?


Obey the Rules

  • If you speed, why are you shocked when you get a ticket?
  • If you don’t study and take good notes, why the surprise at a failing grade?
  • [Prov.3:25-26] Put your confidence in the Lord, our refuge [Prov.14:26]
    • Not in man [Ps.118:8-9]
    • Not in your heart [Prov.28:26]
    • Not in your flesh [Phil. 3:3]
  • [Num.32:23] Your sin will find you out
  • [Gal.6:7] You will reap what you sow


Take care of what you have

  • If you don’t maintain your car, why are you shocked when it fails?
  • If you don’t brush your teeth, don’t eat right, don’t sleep enough? Shocked?
  • Are you broke all the time, do you spend more than you make? Live within your means.
  • [1 Cor.6:19-20] you need to be glorifying God in that body you have!


Prepare for the things you can

  • [Prov.14:15, 22:3] A prudent man will look well to his going. Insurance is a means to help you prepare for the unexpected, that time and chance thing that falleth suddenly on you!
  • Life insurance
  • Home/ renter insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Flood insurance
  • Disability Insurance


Time and Chance will happen to us all. Be careful blaming God’s wrath, or the Devil messing with you, or even time and chance, you have control over many things in your life. We can survive by Obeying the rules, taking care of what the Lord has already given us, and preparing for some unseen circumstance in the future.