Do It With Thy Might Ecc. 9:10

Do It With Thy Might Ecc. 9:10 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Everyone here has something that you have decided you are going to do one day.  It is something that you really need to do and yet you have been putting it off.  Well, it is time to get going on it.  Notice what Elisha said to Gehazi in 2 Ki 4:18-29 (specifically 2 Ki 4:26 and 29).  He told him to “run” to meet the Shunammite woman and when he went to her son he said don’t even stop to greet anyone.  In other words, he was to go straight to the boy.  Likewise, if the Lord has given you something to do, get on with it now.

Do it with thy might in your:

Personal Life – begin reading your Bible daily, quit that sin about which God has been dealing with you, make those changes in your life that will improve your health [start exercising, change your nutrition, catch up on your doctors’ appointments, start dealing with your stress, and so forth], make the list of people to whom you are going to witness and contact them this week, follow up on your trap line, and if you aren’t saved now is the time.

Family Life – begin your family devotions, begin training your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord according to the Bible, start having those family conversations that will draw you closer together, de-clutter your home and your life, and make those financial corrections that you have been putting off.

Church Life – begin making all of the services, start serving in a ministry [help with the cleaning crew at special events, become an approved worker in the youth ministries, start giving to missions, help with the Port ministry, help with Fishers of Men, help man the booth at the Junior Livestock Show, or any number of other things we do around here], or come to the men’s Bible study beginning Jan 20th.

Conclusion: We have covered a lot of suggestions for you to consider.  The point is that the Lord has something for you to do and it is now time for you to get on with it.  Quit putting it off and when you do it do it with thy might.