Thou Art But a Youth, 1 Sam 17:32-37

In 1 Sam 17, David was just a youth when he defeated Goliath [1 Sam 17:33].  But in his youth he was already aware of the Lord’s work in his life.  He said, “the Lord… delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear,” [1 Sam 17:37].  I believe the key to our young peoples’ future is that they must know the Lord in their youth.  The earlier that they learn God is real to them, the better.  Many of us didn’t begin to know God until we were much older.  Thou art but a youth:

Yet, you can know the Lord’s ways – 1 Sam 17:37 – David knew to look to the Lord to help him with the lion and the bear and he knew God would help him.  He was well-trained and he applied himself to things that build a godly character [1 Sam 16:18].  The ways of the world go contrary to the ways of God.  Get to know the Lord’s ways in your youth.

Yet, you can know the Lord’s work – 2 Ki 5:1-3 – the little maid had seen God’s work in the life of Elisha and she knew that it was God.  She knew that God could help Naaman.  Our children should see and hear us talk about God’s work in our lives, continually.  We should magnify the Lord’s work.  Ps 34:1-3.  They should also magnify the Lord’s work in their lives.

Yet, you can know the Lord’s words – 2 Tim 3:15 – Timothy knew the scriptures from a child.   And Timothy saw faith in his grandmother and mother [2 Tim 1:5].  It’s not just a matter of learning God’s words.  It’s a matter of knowing his words and believing them.  You must know they are true and live by them.  That way when you hear the vain deceit and philosophy of the world you won’t be spoiled.

Yet, you can know the Lord’s will – 1 Tim 4:12 – we sometimes get the idea that children won’t know the Lord’s will until they are in their 20’s or 30’s.  But this is not so if they will begin obeying the Lord early.  The Lord’s will for Timothy in his youth was to live as a godly example to others.  Contrast Jer 22:21 from thy youth that thou obeyest not my voice.  Jeremiah knew the Lord’s will for his life when he was young [Jer 1:5-7].    Jesus knew his Father’s business when he was 12 years old [Lk 2:42, 49].

Conclusion: you may be young but you can know the Lord and should know the Lord.  Parents, your children should be encouraged to know the Lord by knowing his ways, his work, his words, and his will.