Things You Should not Love Prov. 20:13

Things You Should Not Love Prov. 20:13 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Love is a good thing but there are some things you should not love – you can love things that are not good, at all.

You shouldn’t love:

Sleep – Prov 20:13 – you’ll come to poverty – you need sufficient rest and then you need to wake up and get going and put in a full day.

Pleasure – Prov 21:17 – men who love pleasure go broke – according to 2 Tim 3:4 you will be spiritually bankrupt, as well.

Mammon – Matt 6:24 – you’ll end up serving it and despising God – according to 1 Tim 6:10 men who love money err from the faith and pierce themselves through with many sorrows.

Yourself – 2 Tim 3:2 – when you love yourself, you will end up running out all the sins of the perilous times [2 Tim 3:1-4].

Preeminence – 3 Jn 9 – men in a church who love to have the preeminence won’t receive the men of God – this was the Pharisees’ problem – they loved the chief seats and the salutations in the market.

The praise of men – Jn 12:43 – when you love the praise of men you will miss the praise of God.

Your life – Jn 12:25 – you can tell how much you love your life by how scared and upset you get at hearing bad medical news – you cannot love your life and keep it – the disciples were not careful with their lives.

The world – 1 Jn 2:15 – when you love the world the love of the Father won’t be in you [his love is manifested in Jn 14:21 or shed abroad by the Holy Ghost in Rom 5:5] – when you love the world you’ll depart from the men of God, 2 Tim 4:10 – when you don’t love the world, the world hates you, Jn 15:19.

Death – Prov 8:36 – men who hate wisdom and sin against wisdom love death – look how much entertainment includes death [old time radio, novels, movies, TV shows, etc] – people are becoming more foolish and more infatuated with death.

Strife – Prov 17:19 – a man who loves strife loves transgression – you aren’t going to turn him by striving with him – you must deal with his transgression and his desire to transgress.

Lying – Rev 22:15 – men and women who follow liars wind up in hell, out of heaven and with the dogs.