Some things That Change When You Get Saved

Some things That Change When You Get Saved



Some things That Change When You Get Saved. Wow something in Paul’s life changed on that road to Damascus! He got saved and some things changed! We are going to look at what changed in each of our lives when we got saved. Hopefully you will be able to notice some of these changes in your life. Lots of Scripture, practice and repetition helps you know and be able to show others


You are Regenerated [Titus 3:5] Regeneration      You have a new Nature

  • The act of producing anew [Matt.19:28] New Beginning
  • [Rom.5:12] Born with Adams sin nature, in his image [Gen.5:3]
  • [1Cor.2:14] Receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God, Foolishness [1:18-21]
  • [John 3:3] New Birth – not an option
  • [2 Cor.5:17] New Creature
  • You had nothing to do with it but you now have a new nature! Something changed!


You are Justified [Acts 13:38-39]       Justification         You have a new Standing

  • God pardons sinner and accepts him as righteous [2 Cor.5:21]
  • [Eph.2:12-13] Your Standing with God before being Justified
  • [Gal.2:16] Justified by Faith –real clear!
  • [Titus 3:7] Justified by His Grace – he didn’t have to do it! Something Changed!
  • “…made heirs” leads to next point


You are Adopted [Gal.4:1-7]               Adoption               You have a new Position

  • Legal definition – The placing of a son You have a new position
  • Taking and treating of a stranger as one’s own child (some love them more)
  • Before adoption [John 8:44] You were a child of the devil
  • [Rom. 8:14-17] Position held now Something Changed!
  • [Rom. 8:22-23] Position in future with a glorified body and adoption complete.



 You are Sanctified [Acts 20:32]          Sanctification      You have a new Character

  • The act of making Holy, and setting apart for a sacred purpose [Lev.20:7-8]
  • Instantaneous – [1Cor.6:9-11] that is not your character anymore. Something Changed!
  • Progressive – [James 1:22-25] the word is a mirror to show you your need for a change in
  • Complete and Final [1 Thes.5:23] upon the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • This is where our work is at!!!! Sanctification




When you get saved, God gives you a:    

New nature                        Regeneration                    New Creature/ Born Again

New standing                    Justification                        Pardoned and seen as Righteous

New position                     Adoption                             Now a Son of God with benefits

New character                 Sanctification                     Set apart for a purpose and in the process of

Being cleaned up!