There is a Generation

There is a Generation


How do you like it when you get identified by your generation? The four generations that are mentioned in Proverbs 30 are not what I would like to be identified with, how about you. Like it or not, by your birthday, you get plugged into one of these:

The Lost Generation -The Generation of 1914      1890 -1915

The Interbellum Generation                                     1901 -1913

The Greatest Generation                                            1910 -1924

The Silent Generation                                                 1925 -1945

Baby Boomer Generation                                           1946 -1964

Generation X (Baby Bust)                                          1965 -1979

Xennials –                                                                       1975 -1985

Generation Y – The Millennials – Gen Next            1980 -1994

iGen / Gen Z                                                                   1995 -2012

Gen Alpha                                                                       2013 -2025

[1Pet.2:9] You are a Chosen Generation

[Ps.22:30-31] We are to serve Him and declare His righteousness


Let’s look at the four generations listed in Proverbs and see what the Bible says about where you fit.

[Prov. 30:11] Hateful

[Ps.36:1-2] No Fear of God is the beginning of the progression to hateful

A Chosen Generation is Kind

[Eph.2:7] Jesus Christ is our example of Kindness

[Col.3:10-12] Comes with the “new man”, [Eph4:32] [Prov.31:26] the law of kindness


[Prov.30:12] Sinful

[Mk.8:38] Starts with being ashamed of Jesus Christ and His words

A Chosen Generation is Righteous and Holy

[1Pet.2:9] Holy, out of darkness into his marvelous light

[Eph.1:4] chosen in him to be holy


[Prov.30:13] Prideful

[Prov.16:18] Shows up before destruction and a fall, [Prov.18:12]

A Chosen Generation is Humble

[James 4:6-10] God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble


[Prov.30:14] Spiteful

[Ps.10:6-14] You think God will never see it, but He does!

A Chosen Generation is Compassionate

[1Pet.3:8-12] having compassion because he does see!

[Jude 21-22] making a difference

[1Jn.3:16-17] proves you have the love of God in you!