The Wise Man’s Eyes Are In His Head

The Wise Man’s Eyes are in His Head

Ecclesiastes 2:14

In this lesson from the book of Ecclesiastes we are going to look at what at first might seem like a very odd phrase. The phrase is found in Ecclesiastes 2:14. It is as follows, “The wise man’s eyes are in his head;”. We will look at other things Solomon said about he eyes of man to help us understand what we can learn from this statement that was made by the wisest man that ever lived.

In Proverbs 17:24 Solomon made a similar statement except for this time he said, “Wisdom is before him that hath understanding, but the eyes of a fool are in the ends of the earth.”. Therefore, when we compare these two statements, we see that the fool’s eyes are said to be in the end of the earth and the wise man’s eyes are in his head.

From this we learn that we must have our eyes in the right place. For instance, note that in the verse from Proverbs wisdom is said to be before him that hath understanding. Most people that are looking for wisdom are simply looking in the wrong place they have their eyes in the ends of the earth when wisdom is right before them. Like many scientists spend their lives trying to find the answers in the far reaches of our galaxy when the truth is right before them in the Word of God. They just simply refuse to believe it.

Why is it important to have our eyes in the right place?

1) We must remember that the eyes and heart work together (Job 31:7).

  • Note that when you compare Psalm 19:8 with Proverbs 15:30 it says the commandments of God lighten the eyes and the light of the eyes rejoiceth the heart.
  • Proverbs 23:26 also shows us a connection between the heart and the eyes.

2)  Eyes were connected to the original sin the Eve committed (Genesis 5:3)

  • The first-time mankind sinned on this earth it was connected with a quest for knowledge. This shows us that it is extremely important for our eyes to be in the right place especially when finding knowledge is the goal.

In Ecclesiastes 11:9 Solomon gives us a warning concerning this matter. He says that from the view point of man it is good to walk in the ways of thine heart and in the sight of thine eyes, but to remember that God will judge you for those things.

If we could keep focus on the judgement of God, it would help us to have our eyes and heart in the right place.

The Wise Man’s Eyes are in His Head : Handout

Ecclesiastes 2:14

1)   What is meant by the phrase, “the wise man’s eyes are in his head”?

2)  Why is having our eyes in the right place so important?

3)  What warning does Solomon give concerning this matter toward the end of Ecclesiastes?