The Truth About Youth

The Truth About Youth


                The time of your youth is very important to the success of your Christian walk. When you grow old you don’t want to look back and regret the things that you could have done for the Lord.



Foundational Time         It is the time to build and set a good foundation

  • [Ps.71:17] A time of learning that it’s all about Him, not you
    • [Prov.2:17] You can forsake the truth that you have been taught
    • A time to build Friendships, with God and others
    • A time to build Family



Fearful Time      It should be a time to fear the things that you should fear

  • [Judges 8:20] Many things are unknown, you have never walked that path
  • [Ecc.11:9] Be warned about trusting your heart
    • [Prov.28:26] you will be fool
    • [Jer.17:9] deceitful above all things and desperately wicked
    • [2Tim.2:22] Youthful lust, Fame, Fortune, Fornication



Fruitful Time     It is a time to begin to bear fruit

  • [1 Tim.4:12] Spiritually Fruitful
    • [Prov. 20:11] Even a child is known…..
    • Your testimony is built now, [Ecc.12:1] Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth, the world wants to steal it away.
  • [Lam.3:27] Materially Fruitful
    • Work is good for you, your family, your church
    • God Blesses hard work