The Truth About Rebellion


The Truth About Rebellion

Proverbs 13:13

Proverbs 13:13, speaks of rebellion. Numbers in the Bible have meanings. Thirteen is generally associated with sin and rebellion. The word “rebel” is in thirteen verses in the Bible.

Gen. 13:13, speaks of rebellion.

Judas Iscariot = 13 letters Mark 3:19 = 13 words

Deu. 13:13, speaks of rebellion.

God takes his word very seriously, Ps.138:1-2, above his name!

Despising the word is the root of rebellion, and in the Bible rebellion is always tied to the word, law, or commandments. Some examples: Deu. 21:18-21 and Deu. 31:24-27

The truth about rebellion is:

Rebellion is a Choice

2 Sam.12:9, David made a choice. He “despised the commandment”. According to our verse you will either despise or fear the word. The real choice is who is in authority. When you fear the commandment, you acknowledge that God as the authority. I don’t speed on the highway because I fear the authority and don’t want a ticket. If I despise something, I am in charge. We all make the choice to rebel.

Rebellion has Consequences

According to our verse you are either destroyed or rewarded, no middle ground. Do you know how to destroy you life? Despise the word. Unbelief in God’s words will destroy your soul [Jn.3:36]. It can destroy your (flesh) life here and now [Rom. 8:13]. It will destroy a king          [1 Sam.13:8-14], and it will destroy a nation [2 Chron. 36:11-16].

Rebellion has no Compromise

In our verse, the two thoughts are divided by a colon. That makes each one a separate and complete thought. There is no compromise between the two. A small bit of rebellion makes you rebellious, [James 2:10]. If you are a sinner, a thief, or a liar, in God’s eyes you are a rebel. How much urine would it take to contaminate  gallon of water?  The water is either pure or not pure, there is no room to compromise on that. Rebellion is the same.

Rebellion can be Changed

Our verse is written in the present tense, so you can change your outcome. You can go from rebellion to a fear of God and his words today. The Bible is full of examples, David, Jonah, Paul, etc.