The Top Ten Reasons to Love God

The Top Ten Reasons to Love God


There is no doubt that God loves us, [John3:16] and that nothing can separate us from that love, [Rom.8:35-39]. The weak link is our love toward God. You can be saved and not love God. You can at this moment not love your mother or father, even though you did in the past. Your love could have faded over time or some circumstance could have caused you to not love them as much as you did before. Your love for God could never have been developed or could have faded or stopped. Can you remember the first time you fell in love?

If you really love someone:

  • You want to talk to them
  • You want to hear what they say
  • You are willing to do anything for them
  • You want to be near them
  • You miss them when you are apart
  • You are not ashamed of them
  • You want to know everything about them

How does your love toward God score in these areas?


The top Ten Reasons We should Love God


10)          He Commands it

  • Old Testament [Deu.6:4-5] [Luke 10:25-28]
  • New Testament [Matt.22:36-38] the Great Commandment

9)            We Will Love the Children of God

  • [1 Jn.5:1-2] You will be able to love your brothers and sisters in Christ
  • [1 Jn.3:14] it’s a sign of your salvation
  • [Gal.5:22] it’s fruit of the Spirit of God

8)            Jesus will manifest himself to us

  • [John 14:21-23] He will become real to you
  • [Rom. 5:1-5] His love is shed abroad in our hearts
  • You will start to see His work in your life

7)            All things will work together for good

  • [Rom.8:28] It is Conditional
  • Salvation and
  • Loving God

6)            For God’s Mercy

  • [Ex.20:1-6] There is a connection between God’s mercy and Loving God
  • You have more mercy on someone you love and also loves you back (parent/child, husband/wife) than someone that does not love you.

5)            To Receive God’s Preservation and Protection

  • [Ps.145:20] Preserves us
  • [Ps.97:10] Protects us
  • I want God answering my prayers and on my side

4)            To Receive God’s Rewards

  • [James 1:12] the Crown of life
  • You won’t fall for temptation as easily because you love him ( example of a husband who chooses not to fall for the temptation of adultery because of the love for his wife and the desire not to hurt her)
  • [2Tim.4:8] Crown of Righteousness for those who love his appearing

3)            Because of What He has prepared for us in Heaven

  • [1 Cor.2:9] We have no concept of what He has prepared for those who love Him
  • [John 14:1-3] “I go to prepare a place for you”

2)            Because you are an heir with an Inheritance

  • [James 2:5] You are a heir of the kingdom [Rom.8:16-17]
  • [1 Pet.1:3-4] an inheritance reserved in heaven
  • I don’t have one down here, but I do up there

The Number One Reason to Love God

[1 John 4:19] Because He Loved You First

[John 15:13] Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.

[1 John 4:9-10] the love of God manifested

Just like any relationship, you must work on your love of God