The Sword of the Spirit

The Sword of the Spirit Eph. 6:17 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The sword of the Spirit is the word of God.  We have been enlisted into the Lord’s army and we are to be good soldiers.  Therefore, we have been issued a weapon so that we can fight on the Lord’s side.

In order to be fruitful and effective:

You must have the right weapon – there is no question that the King James Bible is the right weapon – it is the truth [Jn 17:17] – it has been around over 400 years – you are born again by the word [1 Pet 1:23] – no one has ever proved beyond a reasonable doubt that there is one error in this Bible!

You must have skill in the use of your weapon – this starts by learning the basics of this weapon and how to use this weapon– you have to practice – you have to gain experience and see how it works in different circumstances – the more you use it and practice with it the better you are going to be with it.

You must have confidence in your weapon – your own testimony ought to tell you that the King James Bible is a life changer like no other book on earth – consider the history of successes that this book has had over the centuries – consider the promise that God gave in Is 55:11.

You must use your weapon – you have to go beyond a good knowledge of the Bible because knowledge puffeth up but charity edifieth – you have to use this book in trying to help change others’ lives – a small revolver in the hands of a person who will use it is a better weapon than an AK-47 in the hands of someone who won’t – the sword of the Lord needs to be preached!

You must have providential help with your weapon – we are just humans and prone therefore to all of the limitations of our being – we must depend upon God to bless the use of this weapon – a man drew a bow at a venture and killed a king because God directed his shot [1 Ki 22:34] – David was good with his sling but he depended upon the Lord to plant that rock in Goliath’s forehead [1 Sam 17:45-46].

Conclusion: We have a great opportunity to see more souls saved.  There is no doubt that the “weapon” to use in this endeavor is the King James Bible.  You’ll gain skill in the use of your Bible as you use it to tell others about the Lord.  And the Lord will bless your “preaching” with his providential help.