The Samaritan Woman’s Faith, Jn 4:25-30

The Samaritan Woman’s Faith John 4:25-30 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO


The way this woman responded to the words of God and the revelation of Jesus Christ is a remarkable example of what we should look for in those to whom we are witnessing and also a great example of how we should respond to God.

  1. She believed God’s words– v.25
    1. Messiah  cometh – Dan. 9
    2. He’s  Christ – Jn. 1:20-25; Jn. 1:41
    3. He’s  the prophet – Deut. 18
  2. She received Jesus’ testimony – v.26

Not even the disciples did that good (Jn.20:24-25).  She’s more like Nathaniel and the blind man Jn. 9:35-36.

  1. She restrained her flesh – v.27

Like Rahab, Jos. 2; unlike Potiphar’s wife, Gen. 39

  1. She deferred her distractions – v.28

That’s what folks fail to do in listening to witnessing (experiences).  Compare disciples – left nets, left family, left all.

Also realize of the water of life she never physically drank.

  1. She witnessed to her friends – v.28-29

Her “sphere of influence.”  She was unashamed, Rom. 1.  She did works meet for repentance, Acts 26.

Conclusion:  v. 30, they went to see for themselves.  We need to witness so that they will come to Jesus.  Acts 1:8