The Riches of God Rom 2:4

The Riches of God Rom 2:4 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Rom 2:4, Paul tells us about the riches of God, the riches of his goodness, forbearance and longsuffering.  Often when we preach a text like Rom 2:4 we preach on repentance from sin.  Needless to say, that’s in the text, but today we are going to concentrate more on the riches of God than we are on your sin.

The riches of God extended to us include:

The riches of his goodness – there is no greater display of the goodness of God than Calvary.  Salvation reveals the goodness of God.   Also consider his goodness in our lives.  He still gives us rain.  He still gives us abundant natural resources.  His riches include safety, wealth, sleep, peace, and breath.  God is not good to us because we are worthy.  He is good to us because he is so good.  But you say what about tragedies.  Personally, God’s goodness has not been diminished in our troubles like a miscarriage, a lawsuit, or other hardships in our lives.  Instead, his goodness has been magnified.  In all of Job’s calamities God was good.  He brought Job to real righteousness, he doubled all of his possessions, he gave him his 10 ten children back through resurrection and he extended mercy to his friends. Even in national calamities, God is good.  When little children die in countries of idolatry and false religions, they go to heaven.

The riches of his forbearance – I wouldn’t be here today if God had poured out on me his wrath that abides on sinners.  And most of you wouldn’t either.  This country wouldn’t be here.  The sins in Sodom are identical to the sins in the United States.  We live in a wicked country and yet God forbears his judgment against us.  If you have been saved recently aren’t you glad he waited.  Aren’t you glad you responded to his goodness?  They didn’t respond to his forbearance and goodness in Noah’s day.  God’s forbearance gives us the time to tell others how to be saved.  I don’t want God to pour out his wrath on the United States; I want him to forbear for the sake of those who can still be saved.

The riches of his longsuffering – He had to put up with Israel for thousands of years and he is still waiting for their national salvation.  You talk about longsuffering.  Aren’t you glad for his longsuffering?   His longsuffering opened the way of salvation to Gentiles.  And if you are here today without Jesus Christ, the Lord has been suffering long with you waiting on your repentance [2 Pet 3:9].  We would love for you to get saved today.  But if you don’t the Lord can out wait you.  You think to put off salvation till when?  He has more longsuffering than you do resistance.  And when you get saved you will say, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”  It is then that you will realize the time you wasted.

Conclusion: the right response to the riches of God is repentance.  Repent and put your faith in Jesus Christ.  And if you are already saved consider the sin about which God has been dealing with you.  He wants you to repent of that sin.  You have been sinning against the riches of his forbearance and longsuffering.  It is time that you quit.  Give it up, today.