The Purpose of Prayer

The Purpose of Prayer Hebrews 4:16 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Wednesday before last, we learned that we enjoy fellowship with the Lord in prayer.  Today we are going to examine the scriptures to see the purpose of prayer.  Through prayer we obtain:

Mercy and Grace – Heb 4:16 – without there two we could never enjoy forgiveness with God and strength to live the Christian life.

Wisdom – Jas 1:5 – we are often faced with decisions that must be made according to the wisdom of God,

Peace – Phil 4:6-7 – peace is such a fabulous result of prayer that the very peace of God is often better than the specific answer to prayer – with his peace you can get through anything.

Joy – Jn 16:24 – many Christians lack the joy of the Lord because they neglect to spend time in prayer with God.

Provision – Jas 4:2 – though God already knows what we need [Matt 6:32-33], we bring our requests for specific provisions to him and he provides – these requests give us more opportunity to see God’s hands in our lives and to thank him for his benefits to us.

Filling with the Holy Spirit – Acts 4:31 – in spite of the fact that these men had already been baptized by the Spirit into the body of Christ, they needed the continual filling of the Spirit.

Protection – Eph 6:18 – prayer is a vital piece in the whole armor of God.

Fruit – Jn 15:16 – prayer is integrally connected to bringing forth fruit for the Lord.