The Principle of Sowing, 2 Cor 9:6-11

There is a principle of sowing, firmly established in the Bible.  Certainly, we see this principle of sowing in nature and it was clearly understood in rural societies.  Families that have to farm to produce their food understand the principle of sowing.  Each seed that you plant produces many seeds, enough to eat and enough to plant in the next season.

This principle of sowing works in three particular areas of your life.  It works with:

Bread – 1 Ki 17:11-16.  When Elijah went to the widow of Zarephath she only had enough meal and oil for a cake or two.  Yet, when she fed Elijah first, she had enough meal and oil everyday to feed the three of them as long as Elijah stayed with her.  When she gave it, in essence, she sowed it, and she reaped bountifully.

When the lad gave Jesus his five loaves and two little fish in Jn 6:5-13, they yielded sufficient food for everyone present to have enough to eat.  And there were twelve baskets of leftovers after the meal.  When he gave it, in essence, he sowed it and God multiplied it exceedingly.

Money – 2 Cor 9:5-11.  When you sow bountifully through giving, the reaping is, likewise, bountiful. In 1 Tim 6:17-19, the best way to prepare for the time to come is by being “ready to distribute, willing to communicate”.

You increase by scattering, Prov 11:24-25.  We don’t give to get, like the prosperity preachers teach, but when you give, the Lord is certain to have men give to you in greater measure than you gave to him, Lk 6:38.

The word of God – Matt 13:3-9, 18-23.  When you sow the word of God, you scatter it over all kinds of soil.  While sowing, the word will surely find some good soil in which to bring forth fruit, bountifully.  This is the principle of sowing.  According to Is 55:10-11, the sowing of the word of God will never return void.

Conclusion: have a bountiful eye in sowing your bread, Prov 22:9, a liberal soul in sowing your money, Prov 11:25, and a hopeful attitude in sowing the word of God.  According to the principle of sowing, you will see a bountiful return.