The Law of Sin

The Law of Sin



Paul is speaking of a law that brings him into captivity, this law works through his members (flesh). This is the Law of Sin. In the previous verses he explains that he can’t do the things he would and does do the things he knows not to do. This is a clear picture of each one of us and our battle with the law of sin. He does explain that there is a law of sin- flesh, and a law of God- spiritual, and we need to live our life knowing the law of sin but obeying the law of God.


Have you any knowledge of the Law of Gravity?

It is a law, what goes up will come down, etc.

When we break it, usually the results are not good.

Living requires each one of us to live our lives with the knowledge of the law of gravity each day, so that we won’t be harmed.

Once we have a knowledge and understanding of it, we live under it but rarely have any problems with it.


The Law of Sin

It is also a law, you were born under it, Rom.5:12

When we break it, the results are never good, Rom. 6:23

Paul is trying to explain that we should know that this law exists and influences our lives, Rom. 7:14-23.

Now that you are saved your soul is not affected by the law of sin, but your flesh is a servant of sin. Rom.7:5, we are to put our mind to serving the Law of God.


Shame is a penalty of the law of sin to the child of God

Gen.3:1-10, Adam and Eve were ashamed after they were taken captive by the law of sin, and hid themselves.

Rom.9:31-33, By faith we are under the law of righteousness, Jesus Christ, and shall not be ashamed.

Don’t allow sin, and the shame of it to keep you away from God, prayer, Bible, or church, these are the things that allow you to access the law of God.