The Law of God

The Law of God

Rom. 7:25

In this passage Paul speaks of the Law of God, and how he serves it with his mind. We previously looked at the law of sin, and explored how you are born into it, harm comes from it and it wars against you. When you get saved, you are born into the law of God, you are then provided with the means to win this war against the law of sin. [Rom.6:12-13] says that we should not let sin therefore reign in our mortal bodies. So how do we serve the law of God?


[Rom.8:1-5] Walk after the Spirit

  • Verse 1 – your soul is saved, not condemned, but your flesh still affects your fellowship with God and rewards at the judgment seat of Christ [ 2 Cor.5:10]
  • Verse 2-3 Christ condemned sin in the flesh, and made a way for righteousness to be fulfilled in us, he defeated sin and death [1Cor.15:55-57], you were made free [Jn.8:30-36]
  • Verse 4 – Righteousness is only fulfilled when we walk after the Spirit
  • Verse 5 – You must mind the things of the Spirit


[Rom.8:6-10] You have the Mind of the Spirit

  • [Rom.12:1-2] being transformed by the renewing of your mind
  • [1 Cor.2:16] You have the mind of Christ
  • Verse 6 – you must be spiritually minded and not carnally minded, need proof? Take a realistic look at your check book, credit card statement, car radio presets, or even your Google search history, that should put some light on how carnal or spiritual your mind is.
  • Verse 7 – your carnal mind cannot be subject to the law of God
  • Verse 8 – in the flesh you cannot please God, [Heb.11:6] this work is done by faith, [Gal.2:20]
  • Verses 9-10 – Because of your spiritual birth you have this help


 [Rom.8:11-13] You have the Indwelling of the Spirit

  • Verse 11 – you have the Spirit of God dwelling in you, [1 Cor.6:19-20]
  • Verse 12 – you are a debtor, not to your flesh, but to God
  • Verse 13 – The Spirit will help you mortify the deeds of the flesh



[Rom.8:14] You have the leading of the Spirit

  • We have the Spirit of God to lead us in this war
  • [Jn.16:13] He is our guide to all truth
  • Do you yield to your flesh or to the Spirit of God? [ Rom.6:16-18]


Finally, the choice to serve the law of God is up to YOU.

  • Judge yourself – [11Cor.11:31]
  • Ask God to do it – [Ps.139:23-24]