The Golden Rule, Matt 7:12

Matt 7:12 is the golden rule but it’s not the way of salvation, as some people imagine.  It is, nevertheless, a good rule to follow.  It is a principle given by our Savior.  People that rightly divide the word of God, often excuse themselves from even the spiritual application of verses not pertaining doctrinally to the church.  Be careful with this.  There are some practical applications in the Bible you don’t want to overlook, and Matt 7:12 is one of these.

For example, if you do something wrong to someone else, some offense, would you want them to forgive you? Yes.  Then forgive them,  Eph 4:32.  This is the golden rule.  The Father’s attitude about forgiveness during Jesus’s ministry is found in Matt 18:23-35, Matt 6:14-15.  These verses are not doctrine for us but their principle still applies.  God’s attitude hasn’t changed.

Would you want them to keep it to themselves?  Yes.  Then keep it to yourself.  Don’t be a talebearer, Prov 20:19, 18:8.

Would you want them to hold a grudge against you?  No.  Then don’t hold a grudge against them, Jas 5:9.

Would you want them to retaliate against you?  No.  Then don’t retaliate against them, Prov 24:28-29, Prov 20:22.

Conclusion: compared to eternity, our life is but a vapor.  However, compared with other events that take place down here it lasts longer than you think.  In other words, in the ordinary process of time, you are going to come in contact with people with whom you have previously been cross ways.

The quicker you forgive and the less you say about it to others, the more likely your next meeting will be cordial, at least. If you don’t hold a grudge you’re not as likely to be bitter.  And if you don’t retaliate, the more likely it won’t turn into a rock fight.  This is a good spiritual application of the golden rule.