The Fruit of Your Faith II Thess. 1

The Fruit of Your Faith II Thess. 1


  • Paul is writing to a church, now more mature than his first letter.
  • They have had time to produce the fruit of their faith
  • We will see that this is a progression, three orderly steps of a process
  • He mentions three types of faith, how are you doing in these three areas?

 Growing faith    Verse 3                 Step One

  • Fruit of a Growing Faith is Peace
    • 10:14 “So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God”
    • For faith to grow it must be added to!
    • We are blessed to have Great preaching and teaching, and God’s words!!!
    • Is your faith growing? If so you should have more Peace
    • They had peace in the congregation
    • If you have no peace, it is a symptom of a lack of a growing faith!
      • Examples:
        • Not having a sermon till this afternoon
        • Teaching CC/YF Class – PS.71:18
        • Preaching a Men’s Fellowship in San Antonio
        • Peace about the upcoming elections
        • What things do you fear? Are things getting more peaceful for you?

 Enduring Faith     Verse 4              Step Two

  • Fruit of an Enduring Faith is Patience
    • 5:1-5 Tribulations, patience, experience, then hope
    • All components of an enduring faith
    • Then you can endure with patience because your hope is correctly placed
    • 13:12 Place your hope in God’s will and not your own, you will always win!
      • Examples
        • Meredith’s prayer request
        • The Port Ministry
        • Latest trip to witness to ex-business partner
        • Because of an enduring faith, I now have patience with these things

 Working Faith     Verse 11             Step Three

  • Fruit of a Working Faith is Power
    • Acts 6:8 Stephen was full of faith and power, and glorified God (2 Thes.1:12)
    • Working faith is simply when you are grown enough and have endured enough to put footsteps with your faith
    • Problems and setbacks occur when we run off to work before we are prepared
    • 16:1 In the work of God, this applies to both parties
      • Examples
        • Witness to Old Friend
        • Witness to ex-partner
        • Both were more powerful because of the growth and endurance of my faith
        • Upcoming “Fishers of Men” Great opportunity to grow some faith, endure, and work with power!

Chapter 3:1-3

No Faith – the Lost, but the Lord is faithful, I guess the first step is really saving faith