The Fear of God

The Fear of God Job 1:1 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The Fear of the Lord is a doctrine that certainly includes the “fear and trembling” of Phil 2:12-13, which is far more than the “reverence” that modernists like to preach.  However, it is not just being afraid of the Lord.  The fear of the Lord is something that needs to be taught [Ps 34:11] and sought [Prov 2:1-5].

In this sermon, we examine passages where the fear of God shows up in conjunction with something else.  It is the combinations that make the fear of the Lord strong and very instructive in the application and understanding of this doctrine.

By way of illustration, some people take iron but don’t realize that vitamin C enhances iron absorption.  Some people take calcium but don’t realize that unless they take it with vitamin D and magnesium they won’t absorb it.  Some people lacking Serotonin take 5-HTP; they need to take vitamin B6 and tirazine in order for their bodies to produce more Serotonin.

Notice the fear of the Lord in the following combinations:

Fear God and Eschew Evil – Job 1:1, 28:28 – we have become far too casual with sin in our lives because many Christians only concern themselves with how others might view their sin – we need to deal with sin in our lives in the fear of the Lord and fight against it according to God’s perception and not man’s – we don’t eschew evil enough because we don’t fear God enough.

Fear God and Humble Yourself – Prov 22:4 – Christians are far too proud these days – Job, as good a man as he was, was too proud of his righteousness – he had to humble himself when he met God – when he did, the Lord blessed him by doubling his wealth, giving him even greater honor and adding 140 years to his life.

Fear God and Honour the King – 1 Pet 2:17 – Christians are far too vocal in their opposition to the president of our country and do not give the honor that is due – when you read Prov 21:1 and Prov 24:21-22 and you consider Esther, who honored her king in spite of being his queen and in spite of the decree of Haman, you realize that Christians don’t fear God as much as we may think.

Fear God and Judge Righteously – 2 Chr 19:5-9 – Christians fear and respect men far more than we fear God – when you fear man, you don’t fear God – when you fear man you judge based on what is acceptable with men – often Christians, therefore, find themselves in favor with men and out of favor with God.

Fear God and Receive Instruction – Prov 1:7-8 – the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge which are also connected with understanding [Ps 111:10, Prov 2:3-6] – some men get their instruction only from the Bible without getting any instruction from men and some men get all of their instruction from men – the fear of God is what provides balance to your instruction – you are under the authority of the words of God and you are fed by the Book but you are still teachable.

Fear God and be Comforted by the Holy Ghost – Acts 9:31 – this point and the one following are closely connected – in the fear of God, you may find yourself in the middle of God’s will and yet angry and bitter with him because of the adverse circumstances in which you find yourself – however, when the fear of the Lord is balanced with the comfort of the Holy Ghost, you can suffer affliction and not be mad at God.

Fear God and Give Glory to Him – Rev 14:7 – when you fear God and something bad happens, you can become angry – but when you realize that God gets glory in it, you can rejoice in spite of the trouble – Peter glorified God in his death – and the beauty is that when God is glorified in your suffering, you will be glorified with him [Rom 8:17-18].

Conclusion: So, when you fear God, do so in conjunction with these other matters, and you will see that the fear of the Lord in your life is more beneficial.