Support the Weak 1 Thes. 5:14

Support the Weak 1 Thes. 5:14 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

1 Thes 5:14 says support the weak.  This could be financial support or moral encouragement.  Gal 6:2 says essentially the same thing, “Bear ye one another’s burdens.”  The idea is that each of us could use a little support from time to time.  There are times when we get weak or over burdened and we need someone to encourage us.  Can you imagine a boxer in the ring coming back to his corner and finding an empty stool, no trainer, no water and no towel?  That could be pretty discouraging.  Well sometimes life can be discouraging and we need to encourage each other.

Here are some things to consider:

When you need encouragement always go first to the Lord – 1 Sam 30:6 – sometimes we are too quick to look to others to encourage us and we miss the encouragement that comes from the Lord – we get mad because there wasn’t anyone there when we needed them and yet we had the Lord all the time and failed to go to him.

You need support when you are weak; don’t be afraid to admit that – 1 Cor 2:3 – Paul admitted to the Corinthians that he was weak, afraid and trembling – and he was glad for some much needed refreshment and supply [1 Cor 16:17-18] – don’t ever assume that others “should have known” how much you needed their support – you might just need to humble yourself and let somebody know [without being a whiny baby, of course] – if you are carrying a burden that is too heavy for you then get some help with it.

Be on the lookout for people who need your support – Col 4:11-13; Heb 10:25 – be zealous to encourage others – you don’t have to wait until they come begging for your help – oftentimes you can tell by their countenance when someone is burdened and needs a boost – heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop – other times you may tell because you have been praying for them and the Lord lets you know.

Remember that support and dependence are two different things – 2 Thes 3:10-12 – don’t pick up any freeloaders – the idea of support is to be there in a time of weakness not to keep them in a state of weakness – their burden shouldn’t become your permanent responsibility – you help them with the intent that they are getting strong enough to help themselves.

Remember that support and accountability are two different things – Rom 14:12 – your accountability is to God first and foremost – however, the popular thinking these days is that you are to be accountable to a support group – people have accountability partners these days – those are a mess – if you need my support, then I will be happy to encourage and support you – but for the life of me I am not going to demand your accountability to me in your personal matters and sins – you take those things to the Lord – he’s the only one who can make you free and he knows those matters in your life than you do.

Conclusion: Always be ready to help someone else who is burdened and weak – they need the encouragement and you need the joy that comes from helping others – and when you find yourself burdened down and weak get someone who loves you to help.