Sun Eve – Missionary Caleb Caviness

We had previously scheduled Caleb Caviness and his wife, Kelci, missionaries to the Republic of Congo, for Sunday night. After the “stay at home” order, we, unfortunately, had to cancel this meeting. However, when I awoke on Monday morning last week, it dawned on me that we could still “have them in” by linking to a few web pages. I hope you’ll watch, as follows:

The following link is to the Tuesday night service at the Capitol City Baptist Church Missions conference in 2019. When you open the link, you should advance the time in the video timeline to 1:31:13. At this point you will hear a five minute introduction to Bro Caviness’s work in the Republic of Congo. Congo Introduction

This next link is to the 4 minute missionary video presentation for the Caviness family. It’s in Dropbox. If the Dropbox sign-in pop up window opens when you click the link, just close the pop up window and play the video. Congo Video Presentation

This final link is to a sermon that Bro Caviness recently preached in his home church in Oregon, on a Wednesday night. This is a video of the song service and his preaching. If you would like to advance the time to the beginning of his sermon, it begins at 15:57. Caviness Sermon

I hope you will listen to his introduction, his video and his sermon. He and his wife will not be able to visit our church, personally, now. But by means of these videos, I believe you will get a blessing, and we will still be able to consider the Caviness for possible support after prayerfully considering what the Lord would have us to do.